STARFIELD UPDATE 1.9.67 – FSR 3 For All (AMD Graphics Cards)!

Starfield just released it’s Update 1.9.67 for all players, introducing support for AMD’s FSR 3 and Intel’s XeSS super resolution options. This means that players who are sporting AMD graphics cards (you know, the company that partnered with AMD pre-launch), as well as all 6 people using an Intel graphics card, will be able to play the game in the most crisp and beautiful way yet. In addition, Update 1.9.67 also includes several fixes to stability and visual bugs.

This update was on the Beta Branch for nearly two weeks, since February 7th, before finally going live for all players. Now that it’s live, though, let’s look over the full change log for Starfield’s Update 1.9.67:

  • Added support for AMD FidelityFXTM Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3). (PC)
  • Added support for Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS). (PC)
  • Fixed an issue that could make the clouds appear to vibrate when using DLSS performance mode. (PC)
  • Fixed minor visual artifact that could occur when aiming with a weapon or task swapping.
  • Changed how FormIDs are freed when loading saves. This should improve stability for saves that have visited many locations.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when making changes to the ship that required all items to be moved to the cargo bay in the Ship Builder menu.
  • Reverted a change that caused the data menu to open when taking screenshots with F12 (PC)
  • Fixed an issue causing the resolution scale to reset to 1.0 when switching from Fullscreen to Windowed mode when using DLSS. (PC)

Now you’ll be able to witness the empty, beautiul expanses of Starfield in higher clarity than ever (if you’re sporting a high-end AMD graphics card). Maybe you’ll spot something new on the horizon…

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