How to Use a Boost Pack – Starfield

Honestly, a tool that makes most aspects of gameplay better is a boost pack. It can be used for quicker movement while exploring or in a gun fight. You receive a boost pack very early on in Starfield, but it isn’t immediately usable for most players. In this quick guide, we will show you how to remedy that, among other things.

You can find more details below, but in brief, here is how to use boost packs in Starfield:

  • Get at least one rank in Boost Pack Training
  • Equip a boost pack in your inventory
  • Press the jump button while airborne to activate your boost pack

The boost pack is one of the main pieces of gear you will equip (along with spacesuits, helmets, and apparel). When you go to your inventory (button xbox menu & select lower right corner of screen, computer key i t ), you will see the categories for these pieces of gear. You can also favorite (playstation triangle button / button xbox y v2 / computer key b t ) them in this menu; this allows you to assign a key to them, so you can quickly equip them without returning to the menu every time.

Other than allowing you to boost through the air, boost packs give the player damage resistances as well. If you scroll over a boost pack in the inventory, you can see the exact numbers of the resistances your character will receive. If it is a rarer type of boost pack, it might also grant some unique effects.

starfield boost pack in inventory

You would think that if you had a boost pack equipped, then you could use it, right? We thought so, too. Yet, you will first need to use a skill point (that you earn from leveling up) and put it towards ‘Boost Pack Training‘. This skill is found in the skill menu’s Tech tree, so you’ll need to open the data menu with [Tab] /playstation options button / button xbox pause, then open the skills menu in the upper right with icon mouse left click v2/ playstation x button / button xbox a v2.

Once you have the skill, and a Boost Pack equipped, you can you press the jump button while airborne and boost! By default, jump/boost is bound to Space bar /playstation triangle button/button xbox y v2.

Additionally, after you have the skill, you’ll need to complete the Rank 1 challenge of using it during combat ten times in order to be able to level up the skill’s rank.

starfield boost pack guide training skill

We bet you didn’t even get to the bottom of this page because you’re zooming around with your boost pack in Starfield. However, if you did, let us know how you like the boost pack in the comments!

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