Back to the Grind – Starfield Mission

The first mission for the Ryujin Industries faction, Back to the Grind entails a simple job application and interview, followed by perhaps the most interesting coffee run you’ll ever make.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Unlocks: One Step Ahead
  • Location
    • System: Volii System
    • Planet: Volii Alpha
    • City: Neon (Core)
  • Rewards
    • 4800 Credits
    • Reconstim
    • 250 XP (At level 27)

Gaining access to Back on the Grind is easy, as the quest will end up in your Mission Log the moment you walk close enough to the Ryujin Industries kiosk in the Neon Core. If you don’t already have the quest in your Mission Log, it’s probably because you haven’t visited Neon yet, so let’s take a quick look at how to get to Neon:

  • Head to the Volii system, which is to the right of Alpha Centauri on your Starmap (Image 1).
  • Land at Neon, on Volii Alpha
  • You’ll see a huge neon sign saying “Welcome to Neon”; head into the bridge beneath the sign, continue straight to the elevator, then take the elevator to the Neon Upper Platform.
  • Ahead of you and slightly to the right, you’ll see the Ryujin Industries kiosk that unlocks “Back to the Grind” when you get close enough (Image 2).

Fast travel to the Neon Core, and the kiosk will be just behind you on your right (Image 2). Interact with the kiosk and choose the first option, “Job Application”. It doesn’t matter what you put in the application, as you’ll get the interview regardless, so pick whatever role playing options you prefer — or just click randomly. When you reach the end, you’ll be able to click “Submit Application”.

After submitting your application, you’ll need to head to Ryujin Tower for your interview. Turn left and head towards the objective marker — if you get turned around, you can use your Scanner to guide you (Image 3). Inside the tower, head to the elevator and then choose the Operations floor. Once there, you can follow the Scanner’s guide arrows to Imogene’s office.

heading to ryujin tower via scanner back on the grind starfield mission walkthrough
Image 3 – Heading to Ryujin Tower

When you exit the elevator, you can choose to check in with the receptionist, Lane. Doing so will let you learn a little bit more about Ryujin, and Lane can show you to your interview if you like. You can also check in with Lane after you leave if you want to learn more about him.

The first step of your interview is as easy as the job application was — simply use the chair in front of the desk to sit down.

have a seat back on the grind starfield mission walkthrough
Image 4 – Perhaps the easiest mission objective you’ll get from this faction

Just like the application process, the responses you give in your interview make zero difference in terms of actual outcomes, so pick whatever you like — you may notice Imogene referencing some of your application questions, but you can pick the absolute worst responses and still get the job.

Another easy task — or at least it would seem. Leave the tower the way you came in, via the elevator. Take it to the Lobby, then leave the tower, then continue to Terrabrew, which is back the way you came in the Core. (Once again, the Scanner can guide you to your next objective). Ignore the line in Terrabrew and go speak with the nameless Terrabrew Employee behind the counter indicated by the objective marker. Tell her “I’m here to pick up an order for Imogene Salzo”.

You’ll be confronted by Tomo at this point, and eventually, he’ll draw his gun regardless of the dialog options you choose. You can try and [Persuade] him — succeeding will allow you to avoid killing Tomo. If you fail, or if you [Attack], you’ll have to kill him. You can ask him why he feels like it’s you or him, but in short, you don’t get fired from Ryujin and live to tell about it.

Sparing him can net you some credits later on in this questline, so if all you care about is optimizing your rewards, try to [Persuade] him.

tomo dialog options back on the grind starfield mission walkthrough
Image 5 – Tomo isn’t a dangerous enemy in combat, so either option works just fine

One way or another, once you’ve dealt with Tomo, you’ve still got a coffee order to pick up. Return to the counter and speak with the Terrabrew Employee again, and say whatever you want to her.

You’ll get the Coffee Order, and then you can use your Scanner to make your way back to Ryujin Tower. Head into the same elevator as before, and take it to the Operations floor. Keep following your Scanner if you get lost, return to Imogene’s office, and speak with her. Pick whatever dialog options you like, and she’ll send you to the conference room.

Leave Imogene’s office and head into the nearby conference room (Image 6). Inside, you’ll need to talk to all four NPCs in the room marked by objective markers: Linden, Genevieve, Camden, and Alexis. Speaking with each one will entail a brief conversation, and you’ll automatically give them their coffee order. As always, you may say whatever strikes your fancy in these conversations — there’s no way to screw this part up.

to conference room back on the grind starfield mission walkthrough
Image 6 – The conference room

Return to Imogene yet again and speak with her one last time — when the conversation ends you’ll get your rewards and XP, and the mission will end!

Up next is a slightly more interesting Ryujin assignment, which Imogene will immediately start explaining after you receive your rewards for Back to the Grind.

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