How to Holster your Weapon – Starfield

While exploring the Settled Systems, you’ll inevitably find plenty of weapons and engage in regular combat scenarios. But when the fighting is all said and done, how do you put down your weapon? Until the next battle, that is.

In order to holster your weapon in Starfield, hold down the reload key, which is by default R / button xbox x v2 / playstation square button. To safely bring your weapon back out, you can tap R / button xbox x v2 / playstation square button or by pressing the aim key, right click or the left trigger with a controller.

Fortunately, it looks like there are no consequences for keeping your weapon out at all times. You can even aim at people and they won’t show any reaction to it, beyond what NPCs usually say when you walk up to them minding their own business. To put it bluntly, no, having your weapon out does not matter in Starfield.

starfield holstering weapons doesnt matter if you aim one at somebody
No consequences!

Do you have any questions about holstering or pulling out weapons in Starfield? Let us know in the comments below!

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