Unity – Starfield Mission

This main story mission walkthrough serves as a break from danger, destruction and death — a welcome change of pace after the excitement of the previous mission. Instead of running and gunning, we’ll do a bit of cultural anthropology in an attempt to uncover the mystery of “Unity”.

  • Quest Type: Main
  • Prerequisites: High Price to Pay
  • Unlocks: In Their Footsteps
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Jemison
    • Mast District
  • Rewards
    • 800 XP (at Level 17)

You’ll pick up this quest automatically once High Price to Pay finishes. Your first stop is the Sanctum Universum church, where you need to speak with Keeper Aquilus. The fastest way to get there is to fast travel to the MAST District (even if you’re already in the Lodge — you’ll skip a few hundred yards of running). Doing so drops you on the ramp to the NAT station, but we aren’t hopping on a train! Instead, head up the ramp and turn left (Image 1) , where you’ll see your objective marker indicating the location of Aquilus (Image 2).

You’ll find the Keeper addressing a small group in front of the Sanctum Universum (Image 3). Feel free to listen in as long as you want — you’ll have to interrupt him to begin the conversation, so walk up and talk to him when you’re ready. Pick whatever dialog options you want, and then when the conversation ends you can follow the Keeper and Matteo into the Sanctum Universum building.

Inside, turn left and go through the door to the office (Image 4), then sit down next to Matteo in the empty chair.

You’ll have a chance to ask a few side questions, but mostly this is a unidirectional conversation — say whatever you want until the conversation ends and your character gets up. Next up, you’ve got to find and interview two characters: one from the House of Enlightenment, and one from House Va’Ruun.

You can do these next two objectives in any order, but heading to the House of Enlightment is probably a bit quicker. If you want to be really efficient, fast travel from Aquilus’ office “back” to the MAST District. Turn around and go down the ramp, then turn left — you’ll see your objective marker indicating the panel of an elevator (Image 5). Head inside and use the controls to take a ride down to the Well. Upon exiting the elevator, continue straight forward, into the hall marked Exit — when you leave the hall, just ahead on the right will be the House of Enlightenment (Image 6).

Inside, talk to Andy Singh, the guy behind the table right when you walk in. Once again, you can approach this conversation however you like — you’ll end up with the info you need regardless of your dialog choices.

Once the conversation with Andy Singh ends and you see your Mission Status update, leave the way you came in, then turn right. Continue up the stairs and past the security office (Image 7), up the stairs and into the hallway marked Exit that leads to an elevator (Image 8). Use the elevator controls to go to the Spaceport.

From the elevator, turn right, then head across the plaza (Image 9) to the UC building (Images 10, 11).

Inside, Sarah will stop and talk to the character at the first desk on your right. You can stay and listen if you want, or simply continue forward (Image 12), making your way past the row of stations and through the security checkpoint (Image 13). Go left and continue into the hallway, then go through the left-hand door. Ahead in a cell on the right is the Va’Ruun prisoner (Image 14).

Walk up to the cell and you’ll be able to speak with her — we found that Sarah liked when we chose the sympathetic options. Finish the conversation however you like to complete this objective!

Unless you want to take in the sights, you’ll want to once again fast travel to the MAST district, then head up the ramp and go left, back to the Sanctum Universum. Go inside, and into the office on the left you entered earlier. Talk to Keeper Aquilus, and proceed through the conversation in whatever order you like (note that Sarah won’t like it if you say Gravity is a miracle — but we assume Matteo would probably be into it).

Once you and the Keeper figure out where you need to go next, use your Mission log to fast travel to Indum II, then use it again to land on the planet, at the “Pilgrim’s Rest” landing site. Exit your ship and turn slightly left, where you should see your objective marker indicating the location of Pilgrim’s Rest (Image 15). Head towards the small settlement (you’ll know you’re heading the right direction when your objective changes to “Search for Clues on Unity”) — once there, enter the large main structure (Image 16).

In the main building, you’ll see a book on some crates by a door (Image 17) — pick it up and read it carefully (assuming you want to try and do the upcoming puzzle yourself, that is). Head through the door, and in the next room, grab the book “Pilgrim’s Writing 5” from the desk and give it a read as well. When you’re ready, interact with the computer next to the locked door (Image 18).

You’ll have to answer a series of questions to unlock the door — the answers to the questions can be found in the Pilgrim’s Writing books — but there are a few more to collect. It’s pretty easy to guess the right answers, and you can try as many times as you want, so there’s no need to collect all the books. That said, the Pilgrim’s story and philosophy is an important bit of lore, so if you do want to collect the other three books, you can find them by heading back outside and going through the other structures (see below for locations).

Input the following responses in the Pilgrim’s Computer (after selecting “Unlock Personal Room”:

  • What is the Unity?
  • People are necessary. But people are madness.
  • Myself.
  • In stopping. In embracing compassion.

Correctly answering the questions on the Pilgrim’s Computer will open the locked door. Inside, turn right and you’ll see another book, “Pilgrim’s Final Writing” (Image 19) — read it, and you’ll be given a new location to head to. Before you leave, make sure you loot the rest of the room; there’s also a bit more loot to be found in the bathroom by the entrance of the building, and around the rest of the settlement.

When you’re ready to leave, use the Mission log to travel to Hyla II — note that it’s quite a few systems away, so depending on your ship and what systems you’ve already explored, you may need to make a series of jumps to reach Hyla II. Once in orbit, use your Mission log or the star map to select the “Ancient Ruins” landing zone, and land on the planet.

Leave your ship and head straight ahead, towards the ruins indicated by your objective marker (Image 19). (Note: We encountered a number of large alien creatures in the ruins, but none of them were aggressive and we simply ignored them.) Continue into the ruins, and walk towards the large, undamaged section of structure (Image 20), where you’ll find a large, circular piece of what looks like metal (Image 21).

You’ll have to solve another puzzle here in order to progress — the puzzle involves the strange circular object on the ground

As you get close to the objective marker, you should see a floating panel appear — it won’t show up until you’re very close. Stand in front of the panel, and then:

  • Put your cursor over the left Glyph, then activate it 3 times
  • Put your cursor over the bottom Glyph, and activate it 1 time

Note that you have to be standing exactly he right distance away from the panel to touch the glyphs, so if you don’t see the “Glyph” prompt show up, try adjust your position.

ancient ruins puzzle solution starfield unity mission walkthrough

The puzzle points you to Oborum, so use your Mission log to set a course. (It’s a very long jump, so you’ll almost certainly need to do an intermediate jump.) Once you arrive in orbit of Oborum Prime, the mission will end, and the next mission, In Their Foosteps, will begin as The Hunter hails you.

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