Deliver a TerraBrew Cappuccino to Donna Rain – Starfield Mission

Starfield is a game about exploring alien worlds, fighting space pirates, and uncovering the mysteries of the universe. But if you want to take a break from all that, and dial back the interstellar scope, you might want to do a good deed and go grab a cup of coffee for a cheerful janitor.

  • Quest Type: Activities
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Jemison
    • City: New Atlantis
  • Rewards
    • Random minor reward
    • 100 XP

Inside New Atlantis’ MAST district NAT train station, you’ll be able to see a janitor woman in a brown jacket going about her business mopping the floors or cleaning the advertising screens. Approaching her will reveal her name as Donna Rain and her overall disposition as sunny.

Talking with Donna will reveal that she has a boyfriend by the name of Tony and that they’re looking to leave New Atlantis in search of adventure. Commenting that she looks tired will then lead to her asking you for a TerraCino from TerraBrew.

If you have a cup of TerraCino on you, then you’ll be able to complete the quest there and then. If you don’t, it might cause you a certain degree of confusion, as you won’t get a quest marker to follow.

Luckily, New Atlantis has several TerraBrew kiosks where you can purchase Donna’s beverage of choice. With you already inside a NAT station, perhaps the easiest way to get a TerraCino is to hop on the train and head to the Commercial district.

starfield terrabrew train

The moment you step off the train, you’ll be able to see a TerraBrew store in the distance (Image 1). Simply head there and use any of the kiosks (Image 2) to buy a TerraBrew Cappuccino for 75 Credits (Image 3). Then, take the NAT train back to the MAST district and give the coffee to Donna. This’ll make her the most enthusiastic janitor in New Atlantis and complete the quest.

Apart from the 100 XP, the reward for this quest is randomized but not overly valuable. Expect to get things like a Desktop Geode Sculpture, a carton of milk, or a small quantity of Credits. After enough time passes, you’ll be able to repeat the quest and get the full reward (XP and minor item) again.

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