Where to Buy Ammo – Starfield

Starfield’s enemies tend to soak a lot of bullets before they go down, and you’ll often find yourself running out of ammo. You can pick some up off of your foes, but it’s often not enough, and they won’t always be using the ammo type that you want. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best and easiest places to purchase ammo, and explain how to get vendor inventories to restock.

You can buy ammo at the following locations:

  • The Well, New Atlantis, Alpha Centauri System – Trade Authority, UC Surplus
  • Neon Core, Volii Alpha, Volii System – Trade Authority, Neon Tactical
  • Cydonia, Mars, Sol System – Trade Authority, UC Exchange
  • Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne System – Shepard’s General Store, Rowland Arms

For details on reaching these locations, read on!

City on Jemison, Alpha Centauri System

One of the best places to by ammo is The Well on New Atlantis. It’s convenient mainly because this is a location you’ll be able to reach from very early on in the game.

Start by fast traveling to the MAST District in New Atlantis. Turn around and go down the ramp, and turn left. You’ll see an elevator — step inside and press the button to go to the Well.

In the Well, head straight, into the hallway marked Exit (Image 1). You’ll pass Kay’s House on your left, and then you can reach two ammo stores (Image 2). You can go right to the Trade Authority building (Image 3), or go straight and then left to the UC Surplus store (Image 4).

City on Volii Alpha, Volii System

The main street of Neon is called the “Neon Core” on the Starmap. By fast traveling there, you’ll have immediate access to two shops that sell ammo. After arriving, turn right, and you’ll see the large yellow sign of the Trade Authority — the next store to the left is Neon Tactical. Both shops sell ammo, with the latter having a slightly larger selection.

neon stores where to buy ammo starfield
There’s a bench you can wait on outside of the Trade Authority building

City on Mars, Sol System

When you fast travel to Cydonia, you’ll start outside the main entrance. Head into the tunnel and go through the airlock, then continue straight for a while, until you reach the main chamber (see below). At this point, on your right is the Trade Authority, and ahead on the left (3rd door) is the UC Exchange.

to both ammo sites cydonia where to buy ammo starfield

City on Akila, Cheyenne System

You’ll land at Akila City just outside of town. Head through the entrance and continue straight onto the main street. The very first building on your left will be Shepard’s General Store, and the next one is Rowland Arms. Both sell ammo.

to both ammo sites akila city where to buy ammo starfield
There’s a chair out in front of the general store you can wait in

If you want to buy more ammo than the vendor currently has, you can wait on a nearby bench or chair (most stores have one either inside or nearby). After waiting for 24 local hours, vendors will refresh their wares, and you can purchase more ammo from them.

We hope this guide helped you stock up on bullets and laser cartridges. Have a favorite spot to buy ammo? Share it in the comments below!

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