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The Lands Between have lots of nooks and crannies to explore, from caves full of wolves and treasure-filled catacombs to decrepit manors and mysterious underground cities. Below, you’ll find a list of all of the Dungeons we currently have walkthroughs for, as well as information on the various dungeon types.

Note that this list includes not only things like caves and catacombs, but any relatively separate area not covered in our open-world and legacy dungeon guides.

There are three distinct types of dungeon that you’ll see throughout the game — on top of that, there are additional areas that don’t fall into one of the other categories, as they’re unique locations.

Caves are generally home to animal enemies or demi-humans, and tend to lack the traps that catacombs and tunnels can have. They can be dry, or filled with water or poison.

tunnel identification 2 elden ring 1
A tunnel

Tunnels offer upgrade materials, and usually contain miner enemies. They are one of the dungeon types that can be seen on the map before you enter them (assuming you’ve found the area map fragment). Tunnels are a great place to go if you’re feeling like your weapon isn’t doing enough damage, since you’ll find lots of upgrade materials for your weapons within.

Catacombs tend to contain skeletons or gargoyle imps, and often contain traps. They also seem to contain a higher proportion of Spirit Ashes than other dungeons. Most catacombs have a boss door at the start of the level that is opened by a lever found further on in the dungeon.

In addition to the three basic types, there are plenty of other unique locations in Elden Ring that can we categorize as dungeons. Castles, manors, and larger underground areas are included in this category. These are distinct from Legacy Dungeons in that they aren’t as separate from the open-world area they’re in — you can jump off the walls of one of these “dungeons” to the ground below, whereas once you’re in a Legacy Dungeon like Stormveil Castle, there isn’t any access to the rest of the map except via the entrance and exit.

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