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Game: Elden Ring

Equippable items that provide various benefits, such as increasing attributes or raising damage resistance.

Talismans are unique items with their own specific slot(s) in the Equipment menu, offering a variety of beneficial effects. To equip a talisman, go to the Equipment menu, then select a talisman slot.

talisman slots elden ring

Doing so will take you to a page displaying all the talismans currently in your possession. Select one from this page to equip it.

Like armor and weapons, talismans have weight. Although they’re very light, they can make the difference between slow-rolling or not, so keep an eye on your Equip Load. If you aren’t sure the effect(s) a talisman is having on a particular statistic, you can equip and unequip it while looking at the stats on the right-hand side of the UI. Don’t forget that you can press the “Switch View” button to see another page of different stats for your character.

How to Get More Talisman Slots

You start the game with only one talisman slot, but you can earn up to three more, bringing your maximum equipped talismans to four. Here’s how to get the additional slots:

  • Defeat Margit, the Fell Omen.
  • After earning two Great Runes (by defeating two of the main bosses), see Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold.
  • Defeat Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

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