Ruined Forge of Starfall Past Dungeon Guide – Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Ruined Forge of Starfall Past is a dungeon that you can do immediately after accessing Scadu Altus. If you did the previous one, Ruined Forge Lava Intake, in Gravesite Plain, then you know what to expect: good loot, no boss, stone smiths, and lots of Smithing Stones.

Unique Rewards:

  • Many kinds of Smithing Stones
  • Smithscript Spear
  • Smithing Talisman
  • Smithscript Cirque
  • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Altar)
  • Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword (Altar)

The Dungeon is very easy to access once you’re in Scadu Altus. It’s just southwest of the Moorthe Ruins, and the entrance is marked by two lit torches on the structure’s southwest side.

When you take the steps down into the ruined forge, you’ll see a site of grace. It’s always good practice to rest at these before doing a dungeon. This will make sure your flasks and FP are topped off for the excursion. Continue down the hall and you’ll come to the first room. There are some Misbegotten enemies here, so try to take them out one at a time.

In the northeast corner of this first room, you’ll find a Smithing Stone [3]. Speaking of which, there are a plethora of Smithing Stones all over this dungeon, but they don’t look like normal items. They actually look like stones; just head over and interact with them to pick them up (image 1). Head across the little bridge and grab the Smithscript Spear off a corpse in the southwest corner of this room, then pull the lever to open the big door below you (image 2).

Heading past the now open door, you’ll see a lever on your right. You shouldn’t pull this one, as it will just close the door you just opened. When you continue down the hall, you’ll enter another room, and this one has the first Stone Smith of this forge. These enemies require that the player get around behind them and attack the small gem on their back. This particular type of smith has a bowl of lava on his head, and he’ll use it to both smash you, and fling lava at you.

Time your dodges, and don’t get greedy with attacking their rumps, and you should be able to stagger the enemy, then do a big critical hit on the gem for massive damage. If you want more information on how we deal with these enemies, see our Ruined Forge Lava Intake guide. Alternatively, you can simply run away from them, although they do sometimes drop Smithing Stones (both regular and somber). If you do run, then take note that they usually clog the narrow hallways.

The hallway past the Stone Smith has two Fire Blobs in it. One will surprise attack you from the right, and another will be attacking down the hall with ranged attacks (image 1). Past these enemies is a room with a Somber Smithing Stone [7], but it’s protected by a Stone Smith on behind the left corner (image 2).

Go back in the hallway, and climb up the ladder along the western wall. Be careful turning the corner as a Fire Blob will be lobbing projectiles at you. This room can easily kill you. First off, run past the enemies and up the sloping rubble to the left. You could just continue on, but there is a Somber Smithing Stone [8] down behind the Stone Smith. If you want it, then kill the blobs with ranged attacks, then run down and snag it. The smith won’t follow you up the slope, so no need to kill it.

elden ring ruined forge of starfall past up rubble slope

After going up the slope, you’ll be on a raised platform above the second room of the dungeon. Take a left, and you’ll see an item on the far side of a room. Be very careful as you enter, many Fire Blobs will drop off the ceiling. If you have a ranged weapon, you can make them drop one at a time, or you can just use a greatsword to cleave at them all when they’re on the ground. They were all protecting a Smithing Talisman that you’ll want to loot off the corpse.

elden ring ruined forge of starfall past fork to talisman

When you return to the raised platform, you will want to walk off the eastern edge to drop onto the bridge in the room. After the drop, turn around to loot a Smithing Stone [8] off a corpse, then go back over the bridge. There’s a Stone Smith sitting here, but he won’t mess with you unless you attack him. Grab the Glass Shard off the corpse hanging off the ledge, then pull the lever to open the door below you.

Past the door is a hallway that leads to a dead-end trap, but there’s a weapon to grab. You’ll find a room with two Stone Smiths that will attack you when you enter. These are very difficult to fight two at a time in such an enclosed space, so just grab the Smithscript Cirque by the bottomless pit and run back down the hallway from which you came. Note that if you jump in the bottomless pit by where you grabbed the weapon, you will die.

Now, you will likely have those two Stone Smiths chasing you, so do this next bit quickly. Pull the lever on your left when you get to the end of the hallway and that will raise the door; quickly stand on the door and it will ascend. Now move into the next room, which will have the altar. Interact with the forge altar to receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword.

And that’s it for this dungeon; you can either fast travel away or walk back to the beginning. Just like the last ruined forge, there is no boss, but you can return to kill the enemies and get more Smithing Stones.

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