Fog Rift Catacombs Dungeon Guide – Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Prepare to get crushed: the Fog Rift Catacombs are a large complex filled with several crushing spikes. You’ll need to navigate them, hopping lion imps, and a new kind of spellcaster. We will help you avoid being squished.

  • Unique Rewards:
    • Electrocharge
    • Ancient Dragon Knight’s Cookbook [1]
    • Death Knight’s Twin Axes (boss drop)
    • Crimson Amber Medallion +3 (boss drop)
    • Great Ghost Glovewort
    • Ash of War: Blinkbolt
    • Stone-Sheathed Sword (conditional)
    • Sword of Darkness (conditional)

Going directly north from the Castle Front Site of Grace, you will under by two wooden scaffolds (belonging to the Fog Rift Fort) and then into a fog-shrouded land filled with Shadow Militiamen. In the North of this forest, you will find the Fog Rift Catacombs, its door surrounded by two white braziers.

After entering the Fog Rift Catacombs, take the lift in front of you down. At the bottom, you’ll come across the Fog Rift Catacombs Site of Grace. After you light it, you can head to the room in front of the Grace. In this room, you’ll face a Lion Imp, who will use its large weapon as a pogo-stick (as well as a blowgun, to threaten you at range) (Image 1). Dispatch it, and then grab a Grave Glovewort [1] in the back right corner of the room.

Exit out the side of the room. Soon, you will approach a large room: do not enter it right away. Instead, reach the doorway and listen for a sound: getting near the room will cause a huge spike ceiling to smash into the ground after a couple seconds (Image 2). Familiarize yourself with the sound that it makes; you’ll want to prepare for other traps like this throughout the dungeon.

Now, you can run the length of these spike ceilings in a single bound, if you time it to start running as the Spike Ceiling is going back up. However, as there is a Lion Imp on the far side of this room, it is safer to run to the alcove to the left side of this room, wait for the Spike Ceiling, and then run to the far side of the room to take out the 2 Lion Imps on the far side of this room (Image 1). If you are lucky, they may have already been damaged by the Spike Ceiling, even.

Continue down the path forward. You’ll reach a large corner catacomb. When you round the corner, you will see a spellcaster standing atop a walkway (Image 2). The spellcaster will launch a sorcery at you, which will slowly move, firing additional, rebounding projectiles at you as it travels. When you get close to the walkway that he is standing on, a Lion Imp will come from beyond it to attack. If you have ranged options, you can take out the spellcaster now; otherwise, you can leave him for now; you’ll circle back around later.

At the far end of the room, grab the Yellow Fulgurbloom to the left, then continue through the doorway. If you left the Spellcaster, he may fire at you still, but beware: in the next room, a Cannon Imp will immediately fire a fireball at you from a platform above (Image 3). You can kill it with range, or you can wait for it to jump down whenever it loses sight of you and kill it in melee.

Whether you take out the Cannon Imp now or come back for it later, head into the hall to your right. In the next room, you will see an item on a corpse. But be careful: to the left of the entryway, there is a Cannon Imp, ready to fire at you, and in the back left there is a Lion Imp, both initially hidden (Image 4). Once you have dealt with the, grab the Ancient Dragon Knight’s Cookbook [1] from the corpse and the Yellow Fulgurbloom behind.

After you’ve grabbed that, turn around and head to the other side of the room you fought the first Cannon Imp, to the left from where you first entered. You’ll soon descend some stairs that seem to end in a drop off. But wait, because getting close to the doorway triggers another Ceiling Spike. Once has dropped, you can roll onto it.

shadow fo the erdtree dungeon fog rift catacombs roll 1

Ride it up to the top, and then dispatch the Cannon Imp that will be waiting for you on a walkway there on the opposite side. There will be 3x Knot Resin on a corpse here as well. After you’ve grabbed that, turn back to the spike ceiling and look to the right: there will be a door that you’ll want to go through, so go across the spike ceiling (letting it drop once), then head through the door (image 1).

Immediately in front of you, you’ll come across a spellcaster, who you can easily dispatch (grabbing a Yellow Fulgurbloom along the way). Then, keep going forward and you’ll come to the same bridge you crossed under before. If you left the spellcaster alive, now is the time to take him out, then keep going up the stairs on the opposite side.

Next, you’ll come to a room gaurded by two footsoldiers, with a Black Knight in the room behind them. However, what you can’t see is another footsoldier hiding behind the wall in the Black Knight’s room (Image 2). Thankfully, each footsoldier can be lured to you one-by-one, including the hiding one, letting you dispatch them all before backstabbing the Black Knight.

After defeating them and grabbing the Great Ghost Glovewort that the Black Knight was hiding, it’s time for a secret. Head back to the room you fought the Footsoldiers in, and approach the window looking down to the room you started in. This will trigger the Spike Ceiling to lower, which you can jump onto. This will give you access to a secret passage with the Black Knight Commander Andreas spirit ashes.

elden ring shadow of the erdtree dungeon fog rift catacombs hidden black knight jump

After grabbing that secret, you can jump through the window is this platform to end up back in the room of the Black Knight you fought. Head out and back to the bridge that you crossed to get to this room. Jump down from it, and head back into the room where you faced the first Cannon Imp, then turn left to once again reach the Spike Ceiling you went on top of before.

Now, this manuever is a little more risky: instead of riding the Spike Ceiling up, you are going to jump down, and then immediately roll “backwards” into a room directly below the precipice you should be standing on.

shadow of the erdtree dungeon fog rift catacomb under

After you’ve rolled down, grab the Yellow Fulgurbloom in the room in front of you. As you turn around, you’ll notice a Lion Imp still waking up to your right (to the left when you entered) that you’ll want to destroy. Next to it, also on your right, you’ll see a ladder: climb it and grab the 3 Yellow Fulgurblooms in the hallway at the top. If you left the Cannon Imp alive, it will be here for you to finish off now.

Then, head back down the ladder. Now for the scary part: trigger the Spike Ceiling by approaching the doorway, let it drop, and then sprint across the gap as the Spike Ceiling rises again, grabbing the 2x Dragonbolt Grease on the corpse along the way (Image 1). Take the elevator in the next room down, and then approach the next room.

This room is filled with Lion Imps (Image 2). For starters, you’ll see one to the left of the entrance. Once you take it out, though, don’t go down the stairs. Instead, look over the ledge in front of you, and you’ll see another Lion Imp with a dagger that you want leap attack onto. When you do, another Imp further along the hallway will also trigger, and you’ll need to take them both out. Finally, face the stairs and go under the overhang next to them, where there will be one more Lion Imp to kill (and 4x Rada Fruit as a reward).

After dispatching them, you can continue forward. At the end of this hall, you can see a spellcaster. He will attack you on sight, but be wary; there is yet another Lion Imp to the right. It is best to lure the Imp out, then take out the Spellcaster. Once you do, you can grab the Grave Glovewort [2], and the continue out and to the right.

You’ll soon come across a stairway down. Once you near the bottom, you’ll see a spellcaster, already firing a ricocheting spell at you. However, don’t try to close the gap just yet: look up, and you’ll see a series of 3 Spike Ceilings. So, look instead to your left and locate a small alcove that you can run to before the Ceilings drop. When you get here, you’ll be ambushed by a Lion Imp on the ceiling that you’ll need to dispatch.

After you do, wait out the Spike Ceiling, then sprint to the next Alcove. This Alcove will have a hole in it, though. But that is okay: while there is a corner you can stand on to avoid falling, the first time you reach this alcove, you will want to drop down it and into a sewer system.

shadow of the erdtree fog rift catacombs 11

Take a moment to get your bearings: you aren’t going to be under attack yet. There is a spellcaster that will attack you when you approach. Behind will be a slime (that you can mostly ignore) and a corpse with a Grave Glovewort [4]. Grab it, then enter the next room (Grabbing the Yellow Fulgurblooms around this area if you want them).

As you enter the next room, keep an eye on the ceiling! Several slimes are there, waiting to drop on you from above to do massive damage (Image 1). Take note of them, then enter the room to your left, taking note of the ladder in front of you.

In this side room, there are two spellcasters, as well as two slimes waiting to ambush you from above (one near the entrance, one near the spellcaster opposite you as you enter the room). There is also an item at the far corner of the room, which is your true purpose here: the incantation Electrocharge (Image 2).

Having acquired that, head back to the ladder you passed earlier and head up. This will lead you straight to an overlook over that room filled with Imps earlier, with a Yellow Fulgurbloom. Drop down, and then head back to the room with 3 Spike Ceilings. This time, you will do exactly what you did before, being careful not to go into the hole in the second alcove (Image 1).

After that, wait out the Spike Ceiling and, as it rises, run to the next alcove, containing a corpse with a Glass Shard. From here, you are close enough that you can make it to the end of the room after the next Spike Ceiling smash (Image 2). Go up the stairs to the left, where you will kill 2 Lion Imps. Go up the stairs to the altar to take out the spellcaster and grab the Shadow realm Rune [3] from the sarcophagus, then down the stairs on the opposite side to deal with the last 2 Lion Imps.

Now, remember how we jumped onto the spiketrap in the other room? Well, we ‘re going to do something like that again. Stand where the magic casting statue was shooting you from in front of the altar, and approach the edge close to the falling spike trap. When the spike trap falls, it will reveal a hole that you can jump into, and carry you up to another level (Image 1). Take it up, then loot the chest for an Ash of War: Blinkbolt. Then wait for it to fall again, jump on top of the trap and scurry across to the opening on the far side of the room (Image 2).

Inside this area, you’ll find an altar to the darkness. If you don’t already have a Stone-sheathed Sword, then you’ll find one here. However, if you have one from later in the game (you can get one in the Ruins of Unte), then you can transform the sword into the Sword of Darkness. From here, you go down the ladder next to the altar, and fight two Lion Imps. Then you can drop down into an alcove next to the large spike trap, the same alcove where you found the Glass Shard.

Wait for the spiketrap to come down and start going up again, then cross the room into the hallway opposite your alcove. Stop before entering the next room (which also has a Spike Ceiling). Like before, you are going to wait for the Spike Ceiling, then run across, grabbing the Broken Rune along the way.

To wrap up the dungeon, you will come to an elevator down. Take it, and then you’ll be in front of the boss room for the dungeon, ready to face off against the Death Knight. This formidable foe can be a lot to take on, with fast combos and lightning attacks, so we’ve made a boss guide for how to handle him.

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