How to Beat the Tree Sentinel Duo Boss (Altus Plateau) – Elden Ring

Rewards: Erdtree Greatshield,rune v2 elden ring currency20,000
Summons Available: Yes

These bosses should be familiar, as the first foe you ever see in Limgrave is a Tree Sentinal. Although there are two of them, there are a couple of easy ways to make sure you never actually have to fight both at once. In this guide, we’ll cover a number of different strategies you can use to make this fight easy.

First things first, you’ll want to have unlocked the Outerwall Phantom Tree site of grace — it can be reached by passing through the huge double doors that the Tree Sentinels guard. This is the closest site of grace to the bosses, and so it’s nice to have in case things go wrong.

There are two ways to cheese this boss; one can work no matter what your build is, while the other is only effective for ranged characters. We’ll also go over a more “honorable” way to defeat this boss at the end of the guide.

Equip a ranged spell or projectile — anything you can use to get aggro from range. Then ride from the Outerwall Phantom Tree site of grace back west through the double doors, and hit one of the sentinels with your ranged attack of choice. It will start heading towards you, while the other ignores the commotion and continues down the stairs.

Once the boss has followed you through the double doors, sprint away on Torrent, back towards the site of grace. If you get far enough away, the boss will get sick of chasing you, turn his horse, around and head back towards the staircase. Once the sentinel turns around, you can ride up behind him and hit him once or twice. You can repeat this until he’s dead.

tree sentinel cheese 1 elden ring gif

Sometimes, the boss will teleport back to the staircase instead of turning around. If this happens, you can just ride back through the doors and hit him while his back is turned — it always takes him a second to realize what’s happening and counterattack. If you’re having trouble getting him to turn around, you can just ride back to the site of grace until he teleports, then go hit him and repeat.

There are two raised grassy platforms on either side of the doors the tree sentinels guard. You can double jump up onto one with Torrent and then cast spells at the bosses — they will be unable to reach you with their attacks while you’re up there.

how to beat tree sentinal duo boss platform pic elden ring

The only way you can take damage while up here is if you walk too close to the edge of the platform, or if you cast a spell while the boss is using their Golden Retaliation — it’s easy to spot, since they’ll raise their shield and it will start glowing with golden magic (seen at the end of the clip below).

tree sentinel magic cheese gif elden ring

Depending on your spell type, it might cast too low — some spells will hit the stone railing, so you’ll need to stay mounted and find spells that cast from a high enough angle to clear the railing.

If you don’t want to cheese the boss, you can still pull them one at a time through the double doors (by using a projectile as described above). Then, make some distance (but not enough that they turn back towards their spawn) and then ride directly at boss’s right side. Tap sprint as you get close, and then attack as you pass, riding as close to the boss as possible without getting stuck on them. If done correctly, most attacks should miss you and you’ll be able to get damage in as you pass.

tree sentinel legit strat 1 elden ring

Sometimes the boss will start an attack before you get close — when this happens, you’ll need to turn and ride away. Often, you can then get some damage in while the boss recovers from their attack.

tree sentinel legit strat 2 elden ring gif

Of course, if you’re a true masochist, you can always choose to fight both Tree Sentinels at once. You’ll need to ride close enough for both of them to begin an attack, wait for both attacks to finish, and then ride in quickly and attack once or twice before riding away. Using summons is also a good idea if you try to take them both on at once.

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