Ruptured Crystal Tear Build (Strength/Faith) – Elden Ring

With Elden Ring’s world being full of magic, dragons, and demigods, it can often feel like a fairly serious game. That’s where this build comes in. Why spend time focusing on weapon stats and player attributes when drink goes boom? In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the hilarious Ruptured Crystal Tear in a full-on build.

This build is a Hybrid build, usable in both PvP and PvE.

As the Ruptured Crystal Tear build focuses on high Faith, it’s recommended you start the game as the Prophet class. You are able to respec during the game, so you’re free to choose any class. However, depending on the class, certain stats are unable to be reduced lower than their starting score.

Besides the funny nature of going BOOM against enemies, this build is versatile and deals no small amount of damage. The Ruptured Crystal Tear causes the player to explode, dealing 300 flat damage to the caster and massive damage to anyone unfortunate enough to get close. Regardless of how powerful the explosion becomes, the player will always receive 300 damage to themself, so mixing this in your Wonderus Physick is always helpful.

It’s well known that Souls games like to give hints here and there, this is shown in the description of the Ruptured Crystal Tear, “faith can be a volatile matter, after all.” This intentionally misleads players, the explosion doesn’t scale with the Faith attribute, but does with Holy damage. This means that we’ll be stacking all holy damage amplifiers. The primary stats will be Faith/Strength because of the incantation used. As previously stated, this build can be put together at any level. That being said, we’ll be tailoring this to level 100 for the sake of simplicity.

Stat Priority

  • Faith
  • Strength
  • Vigor
  • Mind
  • Dexterity
  • Endurance
  • Intelligence
  • Arcane

Level 100 Stat Spread

  • Faith – 40
  • Strength – 33
  • Vigor – 60
  • Mind – 14
  • Dexterity – 13
  • Endurance – 8
  • Intelligence – 7
  • Arcane – 7

In this build, YOU are the weapon, so any weapon can work with this build. That being said, a weapon that scales with the build’s primary stats can help you finish off anyone who manages to survive the initial explosion.

  • Golden Order Greatsword
    • This weapon scales high with faith and offers offensive capabilities before blowing yourself up.
  • Ruptured Crystal Tear
    • Because the damage stacks, you’ll be equipping two of these tears. This will significantly increase damage.
  • Erdtree Seal
    • This seal will scale with our Holy damage incantations.
  • Golden Vow
    • Boost Holy damage for a fixed time (80 seconds). This is more than enough time to get the explosion in.
  1. Cast Golden Vow from the start to boost Holy damage.
  2. When close enough to an enemy, consume, and dodge the attacks until the explosion. Remember, the explosion is a one-time cast, so be careful with timing. After consuming your Wonderous Physick, the explosion will detonate after 3 seconds.
  3. Use your greatsword to deal finishing damage if the enemy isn’t completely obliterated.

We hope this guide was helpful, please feel free to comment down below or check out our other guides.

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