How to Beat the Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Rewards: Nox Flowing Sword, rune v2 elden ring currency6 400
Summons Available: Yes
Boss Location: Caelid

This optional boss found in Caelid can seem pretty challenging at first glance, but your trusty steed and a dose of patience will go a long way in defeating this duo.

  • You can call your horse for this encounter
  • Both bosses can be backstabbed

The main strategy for this encounter revolves around the use of your horse, and clever kiting. As soon as the encounter starts, call Torrent and make some distance between you and the bosses. From here, the fight is very straightforward: when the bosses aren’t attacking, dash towards one of them and attack them once before riding away to avoid their attacks. Alternatively, you can always use a charged heavy attack as you’re riding towards your target, though it will be a bit riskier to pull off.

nox swordstress nox priest melee elden ring

To make this safer, you want to approach from the side where you target is, as riding next to the other boss is a sure way to get hit. Lastly, with the summons being available for this fight, don’t hesitate to use them to quickly take out one of the bosses.

The ranged strategy also revolves around the use of your mount, though you won’t be attacking the same way. If you try and attack the bosses while they’re idle, more often than not they will just hop to the side to avoid your attacks. One way to deal with it is to use spells that deal damage in a wide area, such as Dragon Fire. However, if you’re lacking such options, you have two alternatives: use your summons to distract the bosses and leave them vulnerable to ranged attacks, or ride close enough for them to start swinging, run out and use a quick spell.

nox swordstress nox priest ranged elden ring

If you run out of FP, don’t hesitate to follow the melee strategy, which for once is even easier to execute than the ranged one.

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Me Me
Me Me
1 year ago

This was crazy easy with Night Comet. They won’t dodge that. And I did use a summons.