Cerulean Coast Walkthrough – Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The Cerulean Coast is one of the first areas you can access, being reachable from the Gravesite Plain. It’s a very pretty area — assuming you like the color blue — and has quite a bit to do and see. The regular enemies around here are also not quite as tough as in Scadu Altus, so it can be a nice reprieve from the big bad soldiers that guard Shadow Keep.

Note: This guide is a living document, and we will continue to update it as we discover secrets — if we’re missing anything, please let us know in the comments!

You can reach the Cerulean Coast from the Gravesite Plain. From the Ellac River Downstream site of grace, make your way south down the rocks, cross the large pillar to the east to make your way to the low ground, then continue to the southernmost part of the area and into the tunnel that leads to the Cerulean Coast site of grace. (For detailed instructions, see our Gravesite Plain guide).

map how to reach cerulean coast elden ring shadow of the erdtree walkthrough

Before we do anything, let’s grab the map so we don’t get lost. You should be able to see the map monument marker on your map, south of the Cerulean Coast site of grace. Set a beacon on it and ride towards it — you’ll run into a Ghostflame Dragon on your way, so you can take it out now or leave it for later. Once you have the Map: Southern Shore, teleport back to the Cerulean Coast site of grace.

main map of cerulean coast elden ring shadow of the erdtree walkthrough
  • Unique & Important Items
    • Lost Ashes of War
    • Grave Keeper’s Cookbook [1]
    • Great Grave Glovewort
    • Perfumed Oil of Ranah

From the Cerulean Coast site of grace, head southwest and jump on the giant tomb lying askew — you can find a Grave Glovewort [9] near the top. Turn northwest and you’ll see another huge tomb, with another Grave Glovewort [9]. Ride off the tomb and go west, where you’ll encounter a familiar foe: a Cemetery Shade. You can avoid it if you like, as it doesn’t drop anything special, but it’s fun to kill a “boss” like it’s a normal enemy. From the cemetary shade, head to the corpse beyond the large birds to find a Grave Glovewort [7].

routing to items cemetery shade area cerulean coast elden ring shadow of the erdtree walkthrough

Head towards the tree to the southwest, and grab the Lost Ashes of War and the x2 Spiritgrave Stone from the corpses in the shallow water on your way. (The annoying blue lightning balls from Siofra River are back in this area, so dash perpendicularly to them at mid-range to avoid their attacks.) There are also two corpses with x3 String and a Shadow Realm Rune [3] in front of the nearby tombstone tower, where the shadow mobs are crying. At the base of the tree is another cemetery shade, as well as the Grave Keeper’s Cookbook [1].

Once you’ve grabbed all the items, go north from the tree with the cookbook, towards the giant tomb. On its right-hand side, you can use Torrent to jump from the rocks onto the top of the tomb, allowing you to grab the Grave Glovewort [8] at its apex. Look west from the edge of the tomb — resisting the urge to jump off — and you’ll be able to see the Cerulean Coast West site of grace. Get off the tomb safely, and go grab the site of grace. Just north of the grace, you can find a Grave Glovewort [2] on a corpse.

From the Cerulean Coast West site of grace, head southwest, back towards the tree where you found the cookbook. Hug the edge of the rocks to your right (south) as you approach, and you’ll find a path that leads to a hole in the ground.

path to southern nameless mausoleum cerulean coast elden ring shadow of the erdtree walkthrough

Look carefully into the hole before you drop, and make sure that for each drop you only drop to the closest (highest) ledge, as otherwise you ded. Once you drop all the way to the watery tunnel, go east, where you’ll pass some ghost worms that explode when you get close (you can ride past them no problem, just don’t stand still next to one). A corpse on your left holds a Somber Smithing Stone [4], and then you’ll reach a slightly larger chamber where a shadow dog/man pair are sleeping — you can ignore them, but don’t forget they’re there on your way back!

Eventually, you’ll exit the tunnel on the top of a giant tomb. Grab the Great Grave Glovewort, then head back into the tunnel. Keep going west, past where you first dropped down into the tunnel. You’ll pass another dog/man, then come into a larger chamber with some crabs. The corpse here has x2 Crab Eggs, but watch out for the lobster that comes up out of the floor. The tunnel continues on the western side of the chamber, and leads outside onto an island.

Upon exiting the tunnel, go (north) left and hug the wall, and you’ll find a path that leads upwards (Image 2). At the very topmost point of the rocks, you’ll find the Perfumed Oil of Ranah. From the corpse that holds the oil, you can look east and see the Southern Nameless Mausoleum a short ride away. You’ll need to head to the northern or southern side of the larger section of island to find a path up to the mausoleum.

  • Unique & Important Items
    • Dancer’s Set
    • Dancing Blade of Ranah

To reach this mausoleum, you’ll need to find the tunnel southeast of the Cerulean Coast West site of grace, then follow the tunnel west to the island chain that houses the mausoleum (see previous section for details). Like the other nameless mausoleums, this one’s got a tough humanoid foe that drops their weapon and armor when defeated.

  • Unique & Important Items
    • Spirit Sword
    • Scadutree Fragment
    • Star-Lined Sword (drops from Queen Marigga)
    • Great Grave Glovewort

From the Cerulean Coast West, go east around the giant tomb, then turn left and go northeast into the ravine (Image 1). Where the river splits around a tombstone tower, you’ll be able to use target-lock to spot Yoda I mean a demi-human swordsman. This one shares basic moves with Swordmaster Onze, but doesn’t have any magic — using Torrent to avoid the combos and dashing in for a few hits when he stops attacking makes him a pretty easy kill, and he drops Starlight Shards and a Polter Stone when defeated (and is therefore totally skippable if you want).

Grab the x3 Smithing Stone [6] from the base of the tombstone tower and then head east around the right side of it (Image 2). Continue east to the end of the canyon, and you’ll find a corpse with the Spirit Sword guarded by a few demi-humans.

From the Spirit Sword, head west, and start hugging the right (north) wall, which will lead you a bit northwards as well. You’ll find a group of demi-humans, and then on your right will be a cave with a Scadutree Fragment, guarded by a demi-human chief — this foe is non-unique, and can be ignored. Leave the cave and continue west, and you’ll find a fork in the path. There’s nothing to the left, so go right (northwest). You’ll pass a Summoning Pool and a Stake of Marika, and beyond the crest of the rise is a beach full of demihumans.

There’s a boss down there, as well as a ton of adds — including a demi-human chief. Before taking on the boss, you’ll want to pull the nearby enemies one or two at a time if you can. It probably won’t be possible to clear all the adds before fighting the boss, but do your best.

After defeating (or deciding to ignore) the boss, head around the right side of the giant tomb, where you can use the rocks to get up on top of it (Image 3). At the far end of the tomb, you’ll find a Great Grave Glovewort. After grabbing it, we’re done with this area, so teleport back to the Cerulean Coast site of grace.

  • Unique & Important Items
    • Scadutree Fragment
    • St. Trina Discipline’s Cookbook [1]
    • Great Grave Glovewort x2

From the Cerulean Coast site of grace, head south towards the hill, past the huge tombstone and on to the second. There, you’ll find two corpses with a Human Bone Shard and x4 Smithing Stone [7] — time to upgrade some of those cool new weapons! Continue to the next tombstone further south to find x6 Grave Cricket. Now you can head up the hill on the path, still going south. You’ll pass the map monument and the path will bend west — stop and look southeast and you’ll see a Cross of Miquella. Head over to the cross to find the Cerulean Coast Cross site of grace.

Activate the grace, grab the Scadutree Fragment and the x3 Nectarblood Burgeons, then head north past the large tombstones — watch out for the floating zappy orb on the other side of them — and make your way towards the giant tomb. You can jump onto it near where the item is (Image 3). Grab the Grave Glovewort [9] and then head to the northern edge of the tomb, then jump the gap to the nearby plateau (Image 4). Under the tree to the north is St. Trina Discipline’s Cookbook [1]. From the tree, turn around and go back towards the tomb, then jump southeast to the ground below the tomb (Image 5). Head east to the cliff’s edge, and then drop down onto the giant tomb resting on the beach to find a Great Grave Glovewort.

Jump off the giant tomb heading north, and follow the path down and across the beach to the next giant tomb, which you can head up to find another Great Grave Glovewort.

Follow the directions in the previous section to reach the beach.

Go back down to the beach and continue northeast and east. Feel free to ignore the giant fingers (you can hug the cliff on your left and avoid it entirely by dropping down past it) as you continue east across the shallow water to the next beach. There are numerous fingers hiding in the sand, so keep an eye out as you make your way across the sand. You’ll soon be able to go left (north) onto another giant tomb, but before you go up it continue across the beach if you want to grab a Shadow Realm Rune [2] — watch out for the fingers guarding it!

shadow rune and fingers on beach cerulean coast elden ring shadow of the erdtree walkthrough
Shadow Rune and not-so-friendly fingers

Head back to the giant tomb and ride north up it to find a Grave Glovewort [9]. Then go northeast around the right side of the top of the tomb, and you’ll enter the Finger Ruins of Rhia — naturally, the Finger Ruins of Rhia site of grace is just ahead!

  • Unique & Important Items
    • Hefty Cracked Pot

From the Cerulean Coast site of grace, go due northwest until you reach the giant tomb on the other side of the road. Once again, there are a few floating electric balls that will zap at ya, so be ready to dip, dive, and duck. At the top of the tomb, you’ll find a Grave Glovewort [9]. Head back down and go southwest, and you’ll soon hit the road again. Follow it southwest, making sure you keep an eye on the troll ahead — tap the sprint button and ride diagonally when he throws a pot, but also avoid the angry ghost worms that will try and bonk you.

to the ghost glovewort and then to troll cerulean coast elden ring shadow of the erdtree walkthrough
To the Grave Glovewort, and then to the road that leads to the troll

The troll throwing pots drops a Hefty Cracked Pot, so he’s well worth killing. The easiest way to do so is to lure him off his hill, then get into range with Torrent, ride away from him while he does his attack, then dash back in and get a few hits in before dashing out of range.

Once the troll goes down, continue south, and at the end of the next giant tomb you’ll find a Grave Glovewort [8]. Continue further south past the tomb and drop down, then keep going south up the hill. You’ll come to a huge hole in the ground — head to the near right-hand edge of it, and you’ll find a series of drops into the fissure. There are slimes hanging out on most of the ledges, so make sure you find a happy medium between taking your time and not going too slow — the slimes are slow, but they will eventually catch you and attack you.

Fall slowly and carefully from ledge to ledge, always making sure you’re targeting the closest possible ledge, vertically speaking. After a few drops you’ll need to drop north-northwest towards a corpse (instead of south-southeast). Grab the Shadow Realm Rune [1] and continue dropping, generally east. You’ll soon spot a site of grace below, and reach a spot where you need to drop onto a stone bridge (see below) — don’t bother jumping, as it isnt necessary, simply walk calmly onto it. Go left (east) past a few more slimes guarding a corpse with a Deep-Purple Lily, and you’ll be at the Stone Coffin Fissure site of grace!

to the fissure site of grace cerulean coast elden ring shadow of the erdtree walkthrough
  • Unique & Important Items
    • St. Trina’s Smile
    • St. Trina’s Blossom
    • Velvet Sword of St. Trina
    • Multilayered Ring of Light
    • Mass of Putrescence

From The Fissure site of grace, head east into the tunnel, then continue until you can drop down to the Stone Coffin Fissure site of grace. This is a somewhat lengthy dungeon, with multiple sites of grace and a boss at the end. You might even meet a certain sleepy someone…

If you haven’t cleared Scadu Altus, that’s the logical next step. You can also check out Belurat if you haven’t already, or work on the either Shadow Keep section.

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