How to Beat the Spirit-Caller Snail Boss – Elden Ring

Found hidden behind a series of illusory walls in Road’s End Catacomb in Liurnia of the Lakes, the Spirit-Caller Snail is what’s commonly referred to as a “gimmick boss”. Instead of attacking you, the snail summons its own Spirit Summon to attack you while it hides. It’s a very straightforward fight once you know what to do, so in this guide, we’ll show you how to actually find the boss so you can kill it.

Note: If you normally use magic or ranged attacks, you’ll want to either equip a melee weapon, or find some other way of doing AOE damage for this fight, since you can’t target the boss normally.


Throughout this fight, you’ll want to make sure you keep one eye on the boss’ summon. Unfortunately, it has a lot of long thrusting attacks, so it can catch you while you sprint around the room — you’ll have to actually time your rolls in order to avoid taking some damage (assuming it isn’t busy with your own summon).

Summon your tankiest summon — the Skeletal Militiaman are always a great choice for tanking — as soon as you enter the room. The boss will also summon a spirit, but ignore it and run towards the back right corner. You can actually see the snail when you walk in.

spirit caller snail hiding 1 elden ring

The snail sometimes moves a little bit, but you can see a faint glow at its location.

spirit caller snail hiding 2 elden ring 1

Swing your melee weapon or use your AOE attack where the glow is, and the snail will be revealed. Do as much damage as possible before it teleports. It seems to usually teleport either behind one of the columns, or to one of the back corners of the room. Here’s another example of what the snail looks like across the room:

spirit caller snail hiding 3 elden ring

Keep avoiding the boss’ summon, and find/attack it each time it teleports until it’s dead!

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