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After breaking the game for months, Elden Ring’s “Bleed” status was at the forefront of many controversies. Despite the many nerfs to bleed builds, they still pack an impressive punch, absolutely melting bosses. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best bleed build in Elden Ring 1.7.

Bleed Builds are exceptionally versatile; unlike our previous Black Flame build, bleed can affect nearly all enemies. Besides specific bosses that are immune to bleed (i.e., Radagon and the Elden beast), bosses like Godfrey are very susceptible to bleed damage. This build mainly focuses on a Dex/Arc, as we will maximize bleed build-up. This build is tailored to level 100.

Bleed is a passive status effect applied by Bleed weapons that builds with hits landed on a target. Weapons like the Uchigatana or the Hookclaws have a passive effect saying “Blood loss build up” with a number next to it in the inventory — this indicates how much bleed is applied per hit. The more you upgrade these weapons and the higher they scale with your stats, the more blood loss build up. Building up enough bleed on a target will proc the bleed effect, doing a large chunk of the target’s HP as percent health damage.

Stat Priority

  • Dexterity
  • Arcane
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Vigor
  • Mind
  • Faith
  • Intelligence

Level 100 Stat Spread

  • Dexterity – 42
  • Arcane – 38
  • Strength – 22
  • Endurance – 22
  • Vigor – 20
  • Mind – 16
  • Faith – 10
  • Intelligence – 9
elden ring bleed build against groups of enemeies bleed buil elden ring

Bleed builds are unique because they utilize two weapons simultaneously. Thus, we will discuss how and when to use these weapons together.

This weapon is available after killing the Bloody Finger Okina in the Mountaintop of the Giants. It packs a punch and is one of the best weapons in the game.

This weapon is best paired with the Seppoku Ash of War, maximizing bleed buildup. Additional incantations make this weapon easy to get but powerful to use.

The Moonveil Katana requires high intelligence to use its weapon ability, but its blood loss buildup can be utilized at any level. Thus this will be the left-handed weapon.

This Seal will boost Dragon Communion incantations, which translates to the bleed incantations we will use in this build.

To maximize the effectiveness of this build, here are the best Talismans to use:

  • Claw Talisman
    • Enhances jump attacks (damage from jump attacks is increased)

The Incantations of this build are optional, but they add more variety to the playstyle, so they are encouraged. Besides the weapons, upgrading the Dragon Communion seal and blood incantations grant the most blood loss buildup in the game.

  • Bloodflame Talons is a midrange incantation that works most effectively to stun enemies. The incantation offers sufficient bleed buildup, giving an extra visceral feeling to this build.
  • Bloodflame Blade engulfs the chosen weapon in a blood-red flame, causing blood loss buildup. Flame Blade incantations can only be used on swords that can slot ashes of war, so the Uchigatana will be the best weapon to stack this incantation.
  • Swarm of Flies is a deadly long-ranged incantation that releases dozens of flies toward an enemy and builds up bleed damage. This incantation is most effective in boss fights that involve movement mechanics. This incantation also creates openings to stun bosses and get some hits in.

In the right-handed weapons: Equip the Rivers of Blood Katana and Uchigatana. You want to have these two weapons in the right-hand slot.

In the left-handed weapons: Equip the Moonveil Katana and the Dragon Communion Seal. Dual wielding the Moonveil Katana with something like the Uchigatana will create quick and powerful blood loss buildup.

  1. With groups of enemies, the Rivers of Blood Katana’s skill can hit multiple enemies simultaneously, so enemy swarms won’t be a big issue.
  2. Before healing, use the Swarm of Flies incantation to create distance between you and your enemies.
  3. The Bloodflame Talons incantation aids in maintaining crowd control, so use it when you feel overwhelmed by enemies.
elden ring bleed build against bosses bleed build elden ring

  1. Begin the fight by casting the Swarm of Flies incantation twice; this will begin a blood loss buildup.
  2. Follow up by selecting your left-handed blade so you can wield both Katanas.
  3. Jump up in the air and strike, dealing both jump damage and adding more blood loss buildup.
  4. Continue to dodge and double-strike with both blades. Additionally, following up by using the Rivers of Blood Katana’s skill deals extra bleed damage.
  5. All of this together makes for a monster build that deals significant damage when used correctly.
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