How to Beat the Scaly Misbegotten – Elden Ring

Rewards: Rusted Anchor, runes icon elden ring 2000
Summons Available: Yes

This boss is a variation of a similar, axe wielding humanoid enemy. As such, this encounter will be short, and fairly simple.

  • Jumping heavy attacks can reliably stagger the boss.
  • This boss can be backstabbed, which is easy enough to execute by circling around the boss, and even more so by using summons.

With the slow, easy to dodge attack that this boss has, it shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Attack at the end of the boss’s attacks, and you will be able to easily punish him, one attack at a time.

After dodging his attacks, you can choose to backstab the boss, which will also give you an opportunity to prepare a charged attack while he’s getting up.

Lastly, if you’re using a weapon such as a great sword, you can chain heavy jumping attacks to stagger the boss indefinitely. Several of these in a row will leave the boss open for a critical strike.

scaly misbegotten gif elden ring

For ranged characters, you will be able to use spells in between the boss’s attacks, and if you gain enough distance, he will not be able to close the distance fast enough to prevent you from unleashing a bigger spell.

Additionally, using summons to distract the boss is a reliable tactic that will allow you to cast spells freely until the boss is defeated.

  • Horizontal Swing: Standard horizontal swing, that will sometimes be greatly delayed. Can be part of any swing attack chain.
  • Jumping Slam: Jumping slam attack that inflicts area of effect damage.
  • Headbutt: Headbutt attack that will usually come after a short roll forward.
  • Triple Swing Combo: Two consecutive horizontal swings, followed by a vertical finisher.
  • Tail Attack: The boss raises its tail before attacking behind him.

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