How Multiplayer Works – Elden Ring

The multiplayer mechanics in Elden Ring are complex and confusing, just like the rest of the game. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of how multiplayer works, and explain how to co-op with your friends.

There are two ways other players can enter your world: as a summonable ally (aka Furled Finger cooperators) or as an adversary. Allies glow gold, while Adversaries are red. Both types of player can be summoned via a summon sign of matching color, and Adversaries can invade your world while you have an ally present. While an adversary is present in your game, some paths will be blocked by white mist.

Summoning Pools are scattered throughout the game — by interacting with one, you can activate it, allowing you to use the Effigies (see next section).

The Finger Severer is used to either leave a world you’ve been summoned to, or to remove a summoned player from your world.

  • Summon an Ally or Adversary by using a Furlcalling Finger Remedy — this will reveal both ally and adversary summon signs. Interacting with the signs will bring the summoned player into your world.
  • You can get summoned to another players world as an Ally or Adversary
    • By using the Tarnished’s Furled Finger you can create a summon sign where you’re standing, which other players can use to summon you to their world.
    • By using the Duelist’s Furled Finger, you can leave a Red Summon sign, a llowing other palyers to summon you as an adversary.
    • By using the Bloody Finger or the Festering Bloody Finger, you can attempt to invade another players world as an adversary — note that you will only be able to invade players that have an ally present.
    • By using the Taunter’s Tongue, you can be invaded without summoning any allies, and the maximum amount of invaders will be increased by 1.
    • The Small Golden Effigy sends your cooperative summon sign to nearby Summoning Pools.
    • The Small Red Effigy sends your competitive summon sign to nearby Summoning Pools.
    • The Blue Cipher Ring allows other players to summon you with the White Cipher Ring.

As an Ally, your objective is to defeat the area boss — you’ll receive a Furlcalling Finger Remedy and a Rune Arc if you do so. As an Adversary, your objective is to kill the world’s host — you receive different rewards for this depending on how you entered their world.

Go to “Multiplayer” while in the in-game menu, and then open the settings menu (on PC, press [F]). You’ll see two sections, “Multiplayer Password” and “Group Password”. You’ll want to put something in the “Multiplayer Password” section, and make sure that your friend has the same password in the same field.

multiplayer menu elden ring passwords

With this done, you should exclusively see your friend’s summon sign, and vise-versa. If your friend is in another region, make sure you have cross-region play set to “Perform Matchmaking” in the Network section of the System menu.

When you rest at a Site of Lost Grace, all of the collectible plants respawn. There is a single Erdleaf Flower right outside of the Murkwood Cave that’s very close to the Site of Lost Grace, and you can gather a fair number quickly. There are also two flowers to the right hand side of the road if you travel north from the Mistwood Outskirts site of grace. If you’ve found a better spot to farm Erdleaf Flower, let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

far, Erdleaf Flower at the four vellfries – 4 flowers right next to grace

timothy hancock
timothy hancock
1 year ago

the problem is i can summon anyone to help me with bosses or whatever….unless it’s friends then it constantly gives me a “network error” and never lets me summon him

Reply to  timothy hancock
1 year ago

There are tons of issues with multiplayer — I’ve had better luck than you, but still lots of trouble connecting with friends. You might try seeing if opening the proper ports helps:

Last edited 1 year ago by DanielD