How to Beat the Runebear – Elden Ring

Rewards: Spelldrake Talisman, runes icon elden ring 2600
Summons Available: Yes

Found at the end of the Earthbore Cave dungeon in Weeping Peninsula, this boss is similar to bear enemies you may have encountered in Limgrave, but here you venture into its den, and don’t have access to Torrent.

  • The single most important thing here will be to stick as close to the boss as possible. This will allow you to dodge most of the boss’s attacks, and retaliate relatively safely.

The melee strategy here is fairly simple: stick close to the boss, and avoid its attacks by rolling forward, towards the boss’s underbelly. While this will allow you to avoid of the boss’s attacks, you will still have to look out for a Quick Lunge. Luckily, you can just make sure to dodge towards the boss whenever he starts initiating any sort of attack. This might deprive you of a couple of free hits, but it will be safer in the long run.

However, while most of the Runebear‘s attacks can be avoided by rolling into it, the Grab will still be a threat while doing so. The best way to avoid it will be to roll towards the boss and to the left (or the bear’s right leg), this will render his most dangerous attack a non-issue.

runebear grab gif elden ring

Since summons are available for this encounter, don’t hesitate to start the fight by using your preferred spirit ashes, and get the boss’s health down as much as possible while it’s distracted.

Unfortunately for ranged players, the boss will not leave you any time to unleash ranged attacks. You might be able to cast spells while your summons are distracting the boss, but afterwards you’ll have to stay next to the boss’s underbelly as a melee character would. You can of course use your spells in melee, though it’s recommended to use ones with a shorter cast time.

  • Slam: Standard slam attack. The boss will stand on its hind legs, before slamming the ground with both paws.
  • Swipe Into Slams: A horizontal swipe, followed by two smaller slams.
  • Quick Lunge: Small jump backwards before a forward lunge.
  • Charge: The bear lunges forward and then charges ahead.
  • Grab: The boss stands on its hind legs before attempting a grab in front of it, deals high damage.

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