How to Beat the Demi-Human Chief – Elden Ring Boss Guide

While this boss may look intimidating — considering there are two of them at once — the strategy is similar to the Beastman of Farum Azula boss fight.

You have two ways to start this fight:

  • When you enter the boss room, crouch through the tall grass on the left side of the room, and the first boss will be sleeping nearby. Position yourself behind, and unleash your meatiest attacks to obliterate him.
  • Run forward and grab the attention of the small enemies. This might bring the boss that’s sleeping nearby, but you will not have to deal with his twin just yet. Kill his small friends while he’s making his way to you, and then stagger him by either using jump attacks, heavy weapons, or repeatedly hitting him. Avoid most of his attacks by either running backwards, or rolling backwards.

When it’s time to deal with his twin, either use ranged attacks, heavy weapons, jump attacks, or attack chains to stagger him to death. Both of these bosses have low health, and you might not even get to see their entire movesets.

Don’t forget to not leave the dungeon via the wisp, but instead continue down the tunnel next to it. This next tunnel has a few weak enemies, and will lead you to an island.

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1 year ago

You can summon Old Knight Istvan to help out using the gold summon sign on the floor before the fog wall. (& still use spirit ashes too!)

9 months ago

I just get absolutely everything non stop leaping attack at me, cant do anything