How to Beat the Leonine Misbegotten – Elden Ring

Rewards: Grafted Blade Greatsword, runes icon elden ring 3800
Summons Available: Yes

If you have been following Irina‘s quest in the Weeping Peninsula, you will be able to summon the Edgar NPC before entering the boss room, which will greatly facilitate this encounter. This boss can easily be staggered, which further decreases this fight’s difficulty.

  • If you have been following Irina‘s quest, use Edgar‘s summon sign outside of the boss room, to make this fight a breeze.
  • Attacking with your summons or/and Edgar, will allow you to continuously stagger the boss.

While this boss can unleash quick attacks and decently long attack chains, his horizontal finishers and jumping attacks will leave him vulnerable. On top of that, using Lone Wolf Ashes will not only distract the boss, but they will also be able to stagger him after several consecutive hits. Punishing the boss at the end of his attacks, while having your summons still alive, will allow you to deal high amount of damage while staggering him.

Additionally, summoning Edgar and using the Lone Wolf Ashes at the same time, might be enough to defeat the boss. If you wish to take part in the fight however, you will find ample room to use charge heavy attacks while standing behind the boss, which will break his posture and allow you to punish him with a critical strike.

In this encounter, the summons will be particularly potent, especially when coupled with Edgar. We recommend using Lone Wolf Ashes as they attack often and are agile, which will ensure that they survive long enough to keep the boss distracted while repeatedly staggering him. Let your summons distract the boss while you unleash your fattest spells from afar.

  • Leap Forward: Small leap forward followed by a horizontal slash.
  • Hand Strikes: Quick left hand swipes, that can be followed by other attacks.
  • Dashing Strike: The boss dashes sideways, before following it up with a horizontal slash.
  • Wide Swipes: Several wide swipes that can be followed by a finishing jump attack.
  • Spin Attack: The boss initiates a stomp, that is quickly followed up by two spinning attacks.
  • Long Attack Chain: 3-4 horizontal swipes that can be followed up by a finishing vertical strike.
  • Jumping Slam: The boss leaps upwards and brings his sword down horizontally, creating a shockwave dealing area of effect damage.
  • Medium Attack Chain: Slow horizontal slashes, followed by a spinning vertical strike.

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