How to Beat the Putrid Crystalian Trio – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Rewards: Crystal Torrent, rune v2 elden ring currency7100
Summons Available: Yes
Boss Location: Sellia Hideaway

If you already fought all the other Crystalian bosses beforehand, these foes will be all too familiar, but there’s a twist. You will be in a small room with 3 of them, and this being Caelid, all of their attacks will cause some Scarlet Rot build up. While the enemies themselves will be nothing new, dealing with all of them at the same time in a room with no obstacles to hide behind from ranged attacks can be challenging. If you need a reminder of the Crystalians’ movesets, you can check out our guides for the Spear and Staff Crystalians here, and our guide for the Ring Blade Crystalian here.

  • Weapons dealing Strike damage will quickly break the bosses’ stance and their hard exterior, which will cause them to take additional damage, and make them very susceptible to stagger for the rest of the fight.
  • Dealing enough damage with ranged attacks will also fracture the bosses’ hard exteriors.
  • The easiest kill order is: Staff -> Ring Blade -> Spear

First things first, using a weapon inflicting Strike damage will make this fight much easier. The Club is an easy-to-get weapon with low stat requirements, and can be deadly during this encounter, especially if you upgrade it a few times.

As for the strategy itself, while three bosses at the same time sounds troublesome, the Staff and the Ring Blade Crystalians will be much slower than their Spear counterpart. With that in mind, all you have to do is drag the Spear Crystalian away from his friends, before sprinting back to beat them up until their Spear wielding friend comes back.

crystalian trio melee elden ring

Heavy charged attacks as well as heavy jumping attacks will be highly effective in breaking the bosses’ stances, which in turn fractures their shells for the remainder of the fight, and increases their damage taken. Lastly, the slow and predictable attacks coupled with low movement speed will make these bosses susceptible to being backstabbed, which can be a good way to inflict damage while being immune to counterattacks.

crystalian trio backstab elden ring

Unlike most fights, using a summon here can do more harm than good. While it might grab the attention of the Spear Crystalian while you’re dealing with its friends, it could also make it really hard to get close to them without taking damage that was intended for your spectral friend.

As with most bosses, you can simply rely on a sturdy summon to distract the boss while you’re dealing damage from afar. However, the fact that there is a total of 3 bosses that take reduced damage until you break their stance, means that you run the risk of simply running out of FP. There is however a couple of easy ways to deal with these bosses, depending on whether you use sorceries or incantations:

  • The Aspect of the Crucible: Tail incantation will not only quickly break the bosses’ stances, but will also knock them back prior to that. Make sure to charge this incantation to get an additional tail swipe per cast.
  • The Night Maiden’s Mist sorcery is even more straightforward. This sorcery will throw a damaging cloud that will inflict high amounts of damage without having to break the bosses’ stances. When one or several bosses are in a cloud, just keep running around in circles while they’re slowly dying to it.
putrid crystalian trio night maidens mist elden ring

To make this fight even easier, follow the same kill order as the melee strategy: Staff -> Ring Blade -> Spear.

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