How to Beat the Onyx Lord – Elden Ring Boss Guide

This boss is found in a few locations, including Raya Lucaria (as a regular enemy), in an Evergaol in Liurnia, and at the end of the Sealed Tunnel Dungeon, which is in the Capital Outskirts on the Altus Plateau. Easily staggered and without many fast or hard-to-dodge moves, the Onyx Lord is one of the most straightforward boss fights in the game.

  • Two-handing a melee weapon and using jumping heavy attacks will interrupt almost all of the boss’s moves.
  • The boss is easily staggered, which is another reason to use jumping heavy attacks.
  • The boss’s projectiles can be avoided by running in a circle around him while locked on.

Because this boss is so easily interrupted, any character that can wield a melee weapons should do so, and use jumping heavy attacks to constantly interrupt the boss before he can do anything. This makes the fight incredibly easy, as he’ll quickly stagger — a few critical attacks and the fight will be over.

Ranged characters will want to rely on summons to occupy and stagger the boss. If your summons die before the Onyx Lord does, you’ll need to roll through the boss’s melee attacks, make space, and cast a spell before the boss finishes his combo. This can be a bit tough, since some of his combos are short, and he often dodges ranged attacks while idle. The best time to damage him with spells/projectiles is as the Meteorite spell finishes, right after you avoid the fifth meteorite.

  • Meteorite – The Onyx Lord plunges his sword into the ground (doing a bit of AOE around him) and a black hole opens above him — five meteorites come out and fly towards his target. Can be avoided by simply running horizontally (in a circle around the boss) — once the final meteorite misses, you have a good window to punish the boss in.
  • Gravity Well – The Onyx Lord summons a gravity well in his hand and flings it towards his target. Can be avoided by running perpendicular to the boss, or by rolling.
  • Spinning Slash – The Onyx Lord spins in a circle, slashing horizontally as he completes his turn.
  • Slash + Slap – The Onyx Lord slashes once with his weapon, then quickly follows it up with a slap from his other hand.
  • Stumbling Slashes – The boss moves towards his target and drags his sword on the ground briefly before slashing upwards with it, then stumbles towards his target before swinging his blade horizontally again.

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