How to Beat Patches – Elden Ring

Found at the end of the Murkwater Cove dungeon in Limgrave, Patches is a fairly unique foe. He’s got a moveset like the player, rather than using slow, ponderous moves that most bosses have. In this guide, we’ll give some general tips as well as specific strategies for beating Patches.

  • If you’re having trouble dealing damage to Patches, be patient and wait for him to put away his shield.
  • While he’s breathing his poison, you can run behind him and do damage (and potentially backstab him as well).

Once Patches surrenders, you can choose to keep attacking him — he’ll defend himself after a bit, but at this point he’ll be low enough HP the fight is easy. He’ll drop additional items upon death, though naturally this means he won’t turn up again later in the game. You’ll miss out on a unique whip (the Magma Whip Candlestick) but you’ll still be able to access his shop via his bell bearing.

Patches attacks don’t have very good tracking, so if you start rolling past him towards his shield side when he begins his attack, he should usually miss. You can then get an attack or two off before preparing to dodge again.

If you have a shield, you can block most of his attacks — instead of using the guard counter, which is a bit too slow, just use a light attack after his attack bounces off your shield. You’ll need to roll away from the kick and the attacks where he charges them up.

Because of his tower shield, you’ll need to get Patches to begin an attack, then roll out of range and cast your spell. If you’re fortunate enough that he puts away his shield, you can cast spells at him without waiting for him to begin a combo (though make sure you’re far enough away).

All of these moves are followed by a long enough recovery period that you can attack Patches.

  • Poison Mist – Patches sprays an orange poison cloud from his mouth — you can run around it and attack him during this move.
  • Kick – Used when you gap-close on him — cannot be blocked, so roll or backstep away from it.
  • Leaping Thrust – Patches runs at you then leaps, and thrusts his spear down.
  • Double Jab – Two quick attacks from his spear
  • Overhand Thrust – A strong attack with a slight delay, Patches attacks with an overhand thrusting motion.
  • Charged Thrust – Patches pulls his spear back, fairly low, and after a delay, thrusts it forward.

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