How to Beat the Black Knife Assassin (Altus Plateau) – Elden Ring

Rewards: Black Knife,rune v2 elden ring currency10,800
Summons Available: Yes

One of many Black Knife Assassins found throughout the Lands Between, this one has a few tricks up its sleeve, and can offer a serious challenge. However, in this guide, we’re going to give you an incredibly easy (and cheesy) way to defeat this assassin.


First, you’ll need to ride Torrent past the boss and open the door to the hero’s grave that’s just behind the assassin. Then, roll down the stairs and behind the elevator. The boss will chase you a bit, and it has a projectile attack, so if possible, look behind you and roll if you see the projectile coming. Soon the boss will either turn around or teleport back to the entrance of the hero’s grave.

Once the boss walks back to the entrance and/or disappears, start sneaking, and creep your way up the stairs and back out the door. The boss should be walking away from you — you can now sneak up and backstab it, then run and roll your way back down the stairs and to the far side of the room. The boss may chase you again, but will soon disappear. Repeat this until the boss is dead!

If you’re a ranged/magic character and don’t have a strong backstab, this strategy will still work. Instead of backstabbing the assassin, simply pick your slowest, most damaging spell (or arrow), and sneak up to the boss as described above. Attack while the boss’s back is turned, then run back inside and down the stairs, and repeat.

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