Rivermouth Cave Dungeon Guide – Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Rivermouth Cave is likely one of the last dungeons you’ll clear in Gravesite Plain. It has some interesting battles, but an overall basic layout that easy to navigate. The small tunnels can be a player’s saving grace or their downfall. Let’s go over each part of the cave, and analyze how best to approach them.

Unique Rewards:

  • Bloodfiend Hexer’s Ashes (drops from boss)

It’s a long path to make it all the way to this dungeon, but first off, you’ll have to be in Eastern Gravesite Plain. If you’re coming from Castle Front site of grace, you’ll head south past Ruined Forge Lava Intake, then follow the landscape as it spirals down to a small cave that goes to the river. Head up the river all the way to its mouth (crazy, right?) and there you’ll find Rivermouth Cave of to the left by some standing stones.

Rest at the site of grace you’ll see moments after entering the cave. This will make sure you’re refreshed after the long trek getting here. Follow the tunnel deeper, and in the first room you’ll find four wolves, just hanging out. Lure them one at a time to the narrow tunnel you came from. This will let you fight them one at a time. If you try to take all four of them on in the room, then you’ll probably die.

Collect the Hefty Beast Bone from the corpse, then follow the tunnel to a fork: one path leading up to the right and the other down to the left. Go right, and you’ll see a wolf just sitting there staring at you. This is a trap, there’s another wolf waiting just around the corner. Bait out the hidden one’s attack, then deal with them both. They were protecting Sliver of Meat x3 — totally worth it.

elden ring rivermouth cave guide hidden wolf
Sneaky wolf just waiting for you

When you continue down the other direction, you’ll come to a room with a natural stone arch. As soon as you round the left side, three wolves will appear for battle. If you need to, retreat back the way you came to fight them one at a time. Afterward, you will jump up some rubble and drop to a spot where you’ll fall through the floor.

elden ring rivermouth cave guide path to hole in floor

Now you’re in a spookier tunnel that has a stream of blood running down it. Follow it until it opens up into a large room that is absolutely chock-full of Bloodfiends. Take a right, and you can fight one Bloodfiend (don’t worry, they won’t alert the others) then if you head up that path, you’ll be back in the room with a natural arch. You’ll have to kill three regular wolves and one bigger wolf that way, though, and all you’ll get is a Sacred Bloody Flesh.

Since we know how to exit, let’s talk about going forward. In order to get to the boss room, you have to deal with the cavern packed with Bloodfiends. Before I go into this whole battle explanation, let me say that you can just run past all these enemies, and if you don’t have many runes to lose, I would recommend chancing it.

elden ring rivermouth cave guide boss room and exit

The boss room is to the right of their altar, and there is a stake of Marika there, so if you traverse the mist and die to the boss, then you’ll respawn past the army of Bloodfiends anyway. Also, there’s no unique loot that the army of fiends is protecting, just materials like Sacred Bloody Flesh x3 (on the altar), and Sanguine Amaryllis.

Who am I to judge, though? Maybe you really hate Bloodfiends, or you just want the runes to level up. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ll want to lure them one at a time to the back of the cavern and kill them. This can be done by attacking the bloodfiends in the outer rows first with a ranged weapon or spell, then waiting for them to come to you. If you accidentally attract the attention of two or three enemies, then back up to the narrow ledge, and they’ll have to attack you one at a time.

elden ring rivermouth cave guide attacking the horde
Sometimes the others look at their burning compatriot, but they don’t do anything

Attracting a group can be avoided if you don’t attack a Bloodfiend that has others behind it. If they see you attack them, then they’ll join in on the brawl. If you’re fighting primarily with a bow or magic, then you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of arrows and flasks, as these boys are fairly tanky. The Bloodfiend holding a scepter at the front of the pack is the only unique one, and he’ll attack with magic that does blood damage.

Whether you ran past the group, or weeded them out, the boss room is just around the corner. This boss can be tricky, so if you need any help then consult our guide!

Now that you’ve defeated the boss, you can summon your own Bloodfiend with the Bloodfiend Hexer’s Ashes. With everything done, you can use the little glowing pile to return to the dungeon’s entrance.

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