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Game: Elden Ring

Equipment that provides damage negation and various resistances. Use the Item Slot dropdown menu below to select specific slots, or to view info on complete armor sets.


There are four armor slots: Head, Chest, Hands, and Legs. While there are full sets of armor you can find, wearing the full set does not grant additional bonuses beyond whatever benefits each piece provides.

In Elden Ring, there are three different types of rolls. The kind of roll you can do depends on the percentage of your total equip load you’re using. Everything you equip in Elden Ring – weapons, armor, talismans – has a weight value. Your equip load is calculated by dividing your equip limit by the weight of your current equipment.

You can see your

  • To Fast Roll, you need an Light equip load (below 29.9%)
  • To Regular Roll, you need an Medium equip load (between 30-69.9%)
  • You will Slow Roll (aka fat-roll) if your equip load is Heavy (at or above 70%)
  • You can also become Overburdened if you’re at 100% or higher – this prevents you from rolling, backstepping, or running.

If you’re playing a high-hp and high-armor character, and plan on blocking a lot, you don’t need to worry quite as much about roll breakpoints. Still, many bosses and enemies are hard to deal with if you can’t roll, so it’s almost never a good idea to be doing the slow roll.

Every attack in Elden Ring does one or more types of damage. The statistics listed under Damage Negation for each piece of armor indicate how well it protects you from these various attacks.

  • Physical – Negates damage from standard physical attacks, which come from many standard weapons
  • Strike – Negates damage from strike attacks, such as shield bashes
  • Slash – Negates slashing damage, like from katanas
  • Pierce – Negates piercing damage, which is frequently caused by thrusting attacks
  • Magic – Negates magic damage, which can come from spells or from some weapons – tends to be blue.
  • Fire – Negates fire damage, either from spells or weapons – identifiable by how much it usually looks like fire.
  • Lightning – Negates Lightning damage from spells or weapons – these attacks usually look yellow, or like actual lightning.
  • Holy – Negates Holy damage, which tends to have a glow or be white.

Some enemies and environments will build up a status effect meter – when the meter fills, you are afflicted with that status effect. The higher your resistance to that status effect, the slower the meter fills.

Note that these stats can also be increased by increasing related attributes.

  • Immunity – Resists Poison and Blight status effects
  • Robustness – Resists the Hemorrhage and Frostbite status effects
  • Focus – Resists the Sleep and Madness status effects
  • Death – Resists the Instant Death status effect

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2 years ago

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hc w
hc w
2 years ago

Do you think its possible to increase the number of rows per page? or just list out everything in one page?

Reply to  hc w
1 year ago

It may eventually be possible to customize the number displayed per page — we’ve left it as-is for now in order to make it easy for people with slow internet/devices to easily use the database.

1 year ago

the aristocrat coat links you to the garb instead

Reply to  ken
1 year ago

Thank you, fixed!