How to Beat the Magma Wyrm – Elden Ring

Rewards: Moonveil, Dragon Heart, runes icon elden ring 7 500
Summons Available: Yes

The Magma Wyrm is an easier version of the boss in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice dungeon. Its relatively high amount of HP is its only strength.

  • Attacking the boss’s head deals higher damage.
  • Standing at its flank will make it easier to dodge most of the boss’s attacks.

Ideally, you want to stick to the boss’s flank, in-between its front and hind legs. While standing there, you will only have to worry about a handful of attacks and only a couple of those will be a threat to you. The first one you’ll have to look out for is the spin attack, though a well timed dodge will allow you to avoid the damage all while being dragged with the boss.

magma wyrm spin elden ring

If you’re having trouble dodging through it, you can always use a good shield to block it instead. Whether you dodge it or block it, you will have time to go in for several attacks on the boss.

Another attack that you will have to look out for will be the sword slam under the boss. Here the boss will start by standing on its hind legs before slamming the ground under him by holding the sword horizontally. While the resulting shockwave won’t reach very far and you can simply roll away from the boss to avoid it, you can also jump over the shockwave, which will allow you to have even more time to damage the boss.

Apart from those two, the boss will use a charge forward that can be avoided by running away from the boss and towards its back, and a backwards magma spewing attack, which can be avoided by either running towards the boss’s head or its tail.

magma wyrm breath elden ring

While the boss’s head takes increased damage which can make the fight shorter, it will generally be safer to stick to the boss’s side or back.

Since the summons are available, you should make use of those for as long as they survive to just empty out your FP reserves on the boss. While they may not last very long, the boss’s slow attacks will still give you plenty of room to attack from afar. If you stay at range, the boss will have a few more attacks than the Melee Strategy, although only the charge forward and the leap forward will be a threat to you. Since you will be further away from the boss, you will have to run to the side to dodge the charge, which will be easier if you start running as soon as the boss gets ready to charge forward.

While standing at range, the boss will rarely use a leap forward which is faster than the rest of its attacks. You will not have much time to react as there is barely any delay on this one, so make sure to dodge once the boss starts coming back down.

Other than that, most of the boss’s melee attacks can be dodged by simply running away from the boss, and the times where the boss spits a ball of magma towards you, you can just sprint to the side to avoid it with ease. Just continue running and gunning until the boss dies. If you run out of space to run away, you can always run in closer to the boss and try to bait some of the easier to dodge attacks from the Melee Strategy, which will also give you a chance to use your spells.

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