Dragoncult Build Dexterity/Faith – Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s various damage types offer many different flavors of pain to inflict on enemies. Thus, the Dragoncult incantations feel unique and independent from other Incantation types. With lightning raining down from the sky to breathing fire from an ancient dragon head, Dragoncult incantations remain a potent source of DPS. In this guide, we’ll show you the best end-game build for the Dragoncult Incantations.

While you can choose any class for the Dragoncult built, it’s lowest stats reflect that of the Warrior. If you play another class, keep in mind that many stats cannot be reduced below a certain number. For instance, the Warrior’s beginning stat for Mind cannot fall below its initial score of 12/

This build focuses on the Dexterity and Faith stats. The two weapons used in this build are the Bolt of Gransax and the Dragon King’s Cragblade. All Dragoncult incantations are found quickly, so this build can be put together reasonably early in gameplay. However, due to the weapon and Incantation requirements, level 150 is advised for this build.

Stat Priority

  • Dexterity
  • Faith
  • Vigor
  • Endurance
  • Mind
  • Strength
  • Arcane
  • Intelligence

Level 150 Stat Spread

  • Dexterity – 49
  • Faith – 46
  • Vigor – 60
  • Endurance – 20
  • Mind – 12
  • Strength – 20
  • Arcane – 12
  • Intelligence – 10

  • Bolt of Gransax
    • This weapon allows for long-range damage and scaling well with our high Dexterity. The weapon art Ancient Lightning Spear launches the weapon at a target exploding in a burst of lighting, returning to the caster afterward.
  • Dragon King’s Cragblade
    • This blade is handy for those trying to closely avoid boss attacks while getting damage in. The weapon art Thundercloud form changes the caster into a moving thundercloud for a brief moment before striking the ground. This is primarily to avoid long boss combos and take advantage of openings.
  • Gravel Stone Seal
    • This seal will scale with our Dragoncult incantations to maximize the effectiveness of this build.
  • Godfrey Icon
    • Increases the damage of charged spells and skills by 15%.
  • Fortissax’s Lightning Spear is an incantation cast at close range, dealing damage to bosses or groups of enemies. This should be used sparingly with its high FP cost and time. If a boss uses a ground slam attack, like Godfrey, this incantation can be used to avoid the attack.
  • Rotten Breath is the only Dragon Communion incantation on this build and is here for extra Scarlet Rot damage. This incantation is powerful; Scarlet Rot remains one of the most significant damage dealers in Elden Ring.
  1. For groups of enemies, begin by casting Ancient Dragon Lightning Strike from mid-distance.
  2. For surviving enemies, use the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike weapon art to pick them off.
  3. If enemies are overwhelming you, cast Rotten Breath to deal rotten breath damage in an Area of Effect.

  1. When starting the encounter, use the Ancient Lightning Spear weapon art to deal some long-range damage.
  2. As the boss gets closer, cast Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike. Mind your distance, as casting this incantation too close can lessen the damage.
  3. At this point, the boss will be attacking you directly. Use Thundercloud form to reposition yourself behind the boss. While at close-range, cast Fortissax’s Lightning Spear and hold to get the extra charged damage.
  4. After this, cast Rotten Breath periodically to deal scarlet rot Damage Over Time.
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