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The gods and demigods of Elden Ring offer massive challenges to the players. Each major boss battle feels epic and intense. However, it would be much more fun to burn them. One of Elden Ring’s many status effects, “Black Flame,” if properly incorporated into a player’s build, can melt bosses quickly. This in-depth guide will show you the right weapons, incantations, and talismans to slay the very gods of Elden Ring.

Black Flame does more damage based on max HP. So, this build is primarily used against bosses. The more HP, the more effect this build will have. Undead and skeletal enemies are especially weak to Black Flame.

This build is geared toward early to mid-game players. Therefore, the ideal level for this build is about level 100.

Choosing what stats to invest in in souls games can change the gameplay entirely. Thus, here are the best stats for this build.

Stat Priority

  • Faith
  • Strength
  • Vigor
  • Dexterity
  • Endurance
  • Mind
  • Arcane
  • Intelligence

Level 100 Stat Spread

  • Faith – 44
  • Strength – 30
  • Vigor – 30
  • Dexterity – 25
  • Endurance – 19
  • Mind – 13
  • Arcane – 9
  • Intelligence – 9
elden ring blackflame melts bosses blackflame build elden ring

The bread and butter of any Elden Ring build are the weapons. Thus, it’s fitting that the Godslayer weapons will be used for this build. Here are the best weapons for this build:

This weapon is found in the “Divine Tower of Caelid” at the top right of Caelid. By traversing to the bottom, you will encounter the Godskin Apostle boss. You will need to defeat him to get the weapon.

To get this weapon, head to the Northern peak of the Altus Plateau, to the windmill village. Follows the road to the cliffside, and you will be fighting the Godskin Apostle again.

While many seals in Elden Ring increase the potency of Incantations, the Godlayer’s Seal is specialized for Black Flame Incantations. This seal will boost all godslayer incantations.

To maximize the damage of this build, you will need to use the following talismans together. You can equip talismans from the Equipment section of the player’s inventory.

Best Talismans for this build

This is a Faith/Strength build, so Incantations are a must. Here are the best Black Flame incantations.

  • Scouring Black Flame acts as an Area of Effect incantation. Punishing enemies for getting too close, this ability serves the player that’s overrun with enemies or who wants to damage from a distance.
  • Black Flame is the regular fireball attack but with the black flame effect. Hold the incantation button to throw further. This ability is perfect for long-ranged players who don’t want to get too close. This Incantation also serves as some easy damage on bosses.
  • Black Flame Ritual is an area-denial Incantation. The best time to use this Incantation would be at low health. When at low health, use Black Flame Ritual to create a chance to heal.
  • Black Flame Blade makes any blade even more dangerous. It engulfs whatever sword in hand with a Black Flame outline, dealing extra damage.

With everything together, this build makes for a fun and powerful gameplay loop. Slaying bosses like they’re nothing is tons of fun! The general strategy and preferred way to use this build are as follows.

Use the Godskin Peeler‘s Blacklfame tornado ability in large groups. It deals single damage but even better splash damage. Scouring Black Flame also works for large groups of enemies and keeps them at a distance. Use this if enemies are getting too overwhelming.

elden ring usin blackflame blackflame build elden ring

This build doubles as close-ranged and mid-ranged, depending on the boss battle. Start off the bossfight getting in close, use Black Flame Tornado to start dealing damage. While in range, use the Black Flame Ritual incantation. After this, switch to the Godslayer Greatsword for some single damage. Use it’s abilty to keep melting the boss’s HP. In order to keep damaging from a distance, use the Black Flame fire ball and Scourging Black Flame.

We hope this build was helpful on your journey to becoming the Elden Lord. Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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