starfield update 1.10.30 beta featured image

Starfield Beta Update 1.10.30 — Strike a Pose!

A new update, 1.10.30, went live on the Starfield Beta Branch today. This update, available to PC players by opting in to the Beta Branch in the game’s properties on Steam, introduces new expressions and poses in photo mode and…

starfield update 1.9.67 featured image

STARFIELD UPDATE 1.9.67 – FSR 3 For All (AMD Graphics Cards)!

Starfield just released it’s Update 1.9.67 for all players, introducing support for AMD’s FSR 3 and Intel’s XeSS super resolution options. This means that players who are sporting AMD graphics cards (you know, the company that partnered with AMD pre-launch),…

starfield image jan 17 patch water feature new atlantis

Next Starfield Patch Will Fix Quests, Improve Stability

The official Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account posted today about what we can expect in the next Starfield patch, which is set to release Wednesday, January 17th. The Twitter thread lists some fairly standard-sounding — albeit important — fixes and…