Next Starfield Patch Will Fix Quests, Improve Stability

The official Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account posted today about what we can expect in the next Starfield patch, which is set to release Wednesday, January 17th. The Twitter thread lists some fairly standard-sounding — albeit important — fixes and improvements.

Here’s a summary of what’s been revealed in the next patch:

  • Quest fixes, including Eye of the Storm progression problems
  • Stability Improvements
  • Graphical Improvements, including improved textures, lighting, and shadows
  • Additional widescreen support
  • Fixes and improvements to sun disk geometry, planet ring shadows
  • Bulldozed objects should no longer reappear when returning to an Outpost
  • Fix for ship hatches being marked inaccessible
  • (Yet another) fix for asteroids following ships

Note that this is only a partial list — the full list of changes will be posted on Wednesday when the patch drops. While we lament the need for constant fixes post-launch in triple-A games, at least Starfield is getting the support it needs. Let us know what you most hope to see in the patch notes, or what already-revealed changes have you most excited!

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