Search and Seizure – Starfield Mission

In the aftermath of the Vanguard Mission Eyewitness, Sergeant Yumi once again needs your assistance.

  • Quest Type: Misc
  • Location
  • Rewards
    • 4300 Credits
    • 200 XP

From the New Atlantis launchpad, go straight from your ship and turn up the ramp on the left into the city. At the top of the ramp you’ll see the entrance to the security office on the right. Head inside to find Sergeant Yumi.

starfield search and serizure uc security office

After completing both Eyewitness and A Break at Dawn, a UC Security office will comment that Sergeant Yumi has some work for you. Talk to him in the UC Security office and he’ll inform you that there is now a smuggling problem after the events of Eyewitness.

If you don’t see Yumi, check the jail cells in the back of the office. It seems there is a glitch where he will permanently stay in a jail cell.

Once your conversation with Yumi is over, go down the ramp towards the landing pads and walk to the pad on the left. Speak to the first worker you come across and ask them for information. If they offer up nothing, cross the landing pad to the other side and ask this worker the same question. They’ll offer up some information, including the ship type, ID number, and supposed cargo.

Go back towards the city and walk across the plaza towards the transit car station. Interact with the car and head to the MAST district.

In the MAST district, proceed left from the car towards the elevator in the corner. Enter the elevator, interact with the controls inside, and select the Defense Research floor.

starfield search and seizure mast elevator

From the elevator, enter the doorway on the right. You’ll find Agent Plato in his office on the left. Ask for the data slate and feel free to ask any questions you have about it.

starfield search and seizure aegis office

Open your inventory and navigate to the Notes section. Scroll down to find the Potential Smuggler Ships note and open it. The ship you’re looking for is the Anansi with a primary cargo of potatoes.

Return to the UC Security Office in the Spaceport and talk to Sergeant Yumi. Inform him you have found the ship smuggling contraband and tell him it is the Anansi.

Luckily, the Anansi landed during your conversation with Yumi. Return to Landing Pad B where you questioned the workers and board the ship that has arrived.

starfield search and serizure anansi landing

Open the hatch and proceed straight past the ladder. Then open the second hatch and climb up this ladder. Proceed straight, opening up two more hatches to take you into the cockpit. The cargo hold can be accessed from a terminal on the left, the crate of contraband should be the item at the top of the menu. Taking it will progress the mission.

starfield search and seizure anansi cargo hold

After you grab the contraband, Malawi Ndiaye will confront you. She will offer you 2500 credits to say you saw nothing. You will get paid by Yumi either way, so choose whichever feels right to you. If you reject her offer, the crew will begin to attack you. Fortunately, a seasoned security officer should make quick work of them.

Regardless of your choice, exit the ship and return to the security office. Tell Sergeant Yumi you’ve finished your work to complete the mission.

Personally, it caught me off guard when one of the security officers said Yumi was looking for me. Were you expecting the significant break in time between the first two security missions and the third one? Let us know in the comments below!

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