A Look at the Starfield Creation Kit and What To Expect from Mods

The Creation Kit is now available for Starfield, opening the game up for modders to expand its available content a thousand fold as we saw with Skyrim and Fallout 4. This new version of the modding toolkit includes some fresh and altered features that will allow for all kinds of interesting changes and additions to the game.

To anyone who has used previous versions of the toolkit for other games, its interface will look very familiar. Many of the same options are there as we saw in Skyrim and Fallout 4. You can create new actors (NPCs and other creatures), quests, and items. You can also create new locations to populate and decorate. Locations are probably the most changed feature of the toolkit, with new options to build in space as well as interiors and planetary surfaces.

Most locations that appear on planets exist as separate blocks that can be dynamically placed on any world. This is significant for two reasons: one, modders can create new locations without fear of overlapping with other modded locations. In Skyrim and Fallout 4, mods that overlapped could be a nightmare for compatibility. Second, this also means that modders can add tons of new locations to the game to populate all of those empty planets.

The toolkit also has an interface for managing stars, planets, and moons, so modders should absolutely be able to create their own systems and worlds. You could potentially recreate the entire Star Wars galaxy within Starfield. But the most interesting mods may be the ones we’ll never think of until someone has already made it, and there’s plenty of room for creativity in this space sandbox.

starfield creation kit galaxy view
The Creation Kit’s Galaxy View

Whether mods can save Starfield from its initially less-than-stellar reception remains to be seen. Bethesda also announced the game’s first official DLC, Shattered Space today, so there’s plenty of new content on the way to further flesh out the game.

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