Short Sighted – Starfield Mission

In this story mission walkthrough, we’ll guide you through a brief trip to the Eye to make some repairs for Constellation.

When you complete Further Into the Unknown, Vladimir will speak to you about making some repairs to the Eye. To get started with this mission, set course for the Eye through your mission log. Fly close to the station and dock with it, then board it (Image 1).

Upon boarding the Eye, your mission objective will change to “Check in on Everyone.” Note that if you have any of the Constellation companions assigned to your ship, they will leave their post in the Eye and head back there. This appears to be a bug. You will still be able to complete their task without them being there.

Completing Barrett’s task will progress the mission to the final objective. So if you want to do all of the tasks, do Barrett’s last. But if you want to speed things up, you can skip the others.

Go forward into the inner part of the station and take a right through the door under the “Facilities F01” sign (Image 2). You’ll find Sam and Cora in the hallway working on some panels. Activate the Welder on the floor next to Sam to help them out (Image 3).

Continue down this hallway to a door on the right that says “Cafeteria,” and you’ll find Andreja (Image 4). She needs help installing some parts. Activate the Box of Parts on the table to her right to give her a hand (Image 5).

Head back the way you came and take a right toward the central room of the Eye, through a door marked “Scanning Control” (Image 6). In the back right corner of the room, Sarah Morgan will ask you to tighten up the equipment around the room. Activate the Wrenches on the table on the right wall to help her out (Image 7).

On the left side of the room, you’ll find Barrett seated at an instrument panel (Image 8). He’ll ask you to test the computer for him. Activate the Computer on the wall to his right, then click the Test Connection icon. You’ll get an error message, and Barrett will tell you to talk to Vladimir. You’ll find him in the center of the room (Image 9).

Speaking with Vladimir will complete the mission and start the next one, No Sudden Moves. If you want to take a break from the main story and work on some Side Missions or Faction Missions, go ahead and do so. Come back to the Eye and speak to Vladimir again when you’re ready to continue on.

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