Distilling Confidence – Starfield Mission

A bartender at the Viewport bar in New Atlantis has created the best drink in the galaxy, but she is missing one ingredient to perfect it. Luckily, your moral ambiguity makes you the perfect candidate for the job.

  • Quest Type: Misc
  • Location
  • Rewards
    • 2500 Credits
    • 75 XP
    • Supernova Beverage
    • Occasional free drinks from the Viewport

From your ship’s landing pad in New Atlantis, head straight and turn left onto the ramp into the city. Keep traveling left towards the tall building with all glass walls, and you’ll find the Viewport on the left.

Inside the Viewport, walk to the bar and speak to the bartender Nyssa. Choose the middle option, “Business seems to be booming for you.” She will agree, but mention that she has a new revolutionary drink in the works. She needs one more ingredient to complete the recipe, but it’s being guarded by UC Security. Agree to help her to start the mission.

After talking to Nyssa, leave the Viewport and head right, back towards your landing pad. Cross the landing pad and behind your ship you’ll find a storage section. If you were thinking the same thing as me, no, you cannot break in through the ceiling. Instead, speak to Emin in front of the door into the facility.

You can attempt to Persuade him to let you in, which will be the most straight forward way to get inside. Otherwise, after talking to you he will walk a few steps away and apparently lose all interest in you. Walk up to the computer behind him and you’ll have to pass a novice level Lockpicking minigame. If you don’t have many digipicks, be sure to save before attempting it.

Either way, once you’re inside it’s time to grab the package.

In the back of the storage area you’ll find Nyssa’s Package and some other loot. Unfortunately there isn’t much else that’s interesting in here, so it’s time to return to Nyssa.

starfield distilling confidence nyssa package

Exit the storage area and cross the landing pad to return to the Viewport. Talk to Nyssa and let her know that you have a gift for her to complete the mission.

In order to redeem her offer of a free drink, ask to see the drink options and one will automatically be added to your inventory.

Another job well done helping the citizens of New Atlantis. What do you think of the design and layout of New Atlantis? Let us know in the comments below!

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