How to Join the United Colonies – Starfield

The United Colonies are the dominant government in the Settled Systems, with the capital of New Atlantis being the center of galactic commerce. Joining the United Colonies has its perks, including discounts at all UC stores and eventually Class One Citizenship.

The mission to join the UC Vanguard will be available as soon as you arrive in New Atlantis during the One Small Step mission.

From the New Atlantis launchpad where you land for the first time, head straight and turn up the ramp on the left into the city. Cross this plaza and enter the transit car on the other side.

Select the MAST district as your destination, and go to the elevator in the corner on the left.

starfield join the united colonies elevator

Select ‘Lobby / Commander Tuala’s office’ and speak to the commander behind the desk to the right. This is the starting point for the first mission, Supra Et Ultra.

Did you join the UC as soon as you made it to New Atlantis, or did you wait until it was introduced to you during the main storyline? Let us know in the comments below!

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