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barbarian wrong featured

Barbarians – You’re Playing It Wrong

Imagine a barbarian. Now, let me guess: the image in your head is that of a barely-clothed giant of a man with bulging muscles, tangled yet still somehow flowing hair, and a grim expression on his craggy face. Scattered corpses…

starfield update 1.7.33 featured image

Starfield Update 1.7.33 – Bugfixes and Graphical Issues

Update 1.7.33 for Starfield launched today, encompassing a few small changes to improve stability and performance, as well as patch up a few minor gameplay issues. The update is fairly small, but it comes with the news that Bethesda is…

starfield reaches 10 million players

Starfield Reaches 10 Million Players

According to an official post by Bethesda on Steam and Twitter/X, Starfield has now passed 10 million players, making it the most successful launch in the studio’s history. By comparison, Fallout 4 has sold 20 million copies since its 2015…