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starfield beta update 1.11.33 featured image

Starfield Beta Update 1.11.33 — A Map To The Future

Starfield’s Update 1.11.33 came to the Beta branch on PC today, and, excitingly, it is the biggest update to Starfield since launch. The massive update adds vastly improved surface maps (including for cities), ship interior customization, a slew of new…

state of lord of the rings games 2024 featured image

The State of Lord of the Rings Video Games in 2024

One of the most famous IPs, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, not only has amazing books, movies, and a fledgling (yet polarizing) TV show, but also a catalog of video games under its belt. After the massive misstep that was…

palworld new pals announced

Palworld Teases New Pals Coming This Summer

During the IGN x ID@Xbox Digital Showcase, Palworld teased four new Pals that will be added to the game soon! Unlike the previous new Pal, Bellanor, it seems like these new Pals will be able to be found out in…