Shadow of the Erdtree is Now Available – Elden Ring

After two and a half years since the release of the base game, Elden Ring’s massive DLC has finally arrived. Reviewers have already given the DLC mass acclaim, and it is looking to be one of the biggest add-ons that FromSoftware has ever released. It is avaiable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows (Steam).

Shadow of the Erdtree takes us in to the Land of Shadow where we will hopefully answer the questions swirling around the game’s many mysterious characters. The person at the forefront of this story is Miquella, twin brother to the infamous Malenia.

elden ring shadow of erdtree now available banner
Wait, that doesn’t look like Miquella?

Unlike many other DLCs, this takes place in the middle of the original game. So, its story will not likely change the many possible endings of the base game. Some have been describing it as a massive side quest. In those terms, it might be the biggest side quest ever, with new weapons, 10 major bosses, and dozens of hours of content.

Elden Ring came out to huge praise, winning plenty of awards, and it will be exciting to see buzz around the game reignite. Are you as excited as we are to die a lot? Or do you have plans to finally “git gud”? Tell us about in a comment — praise the comment section!

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