How to Get to the Colosseums – Elden Ring PvP Arenas

In patch 1.8, PvP Colosseums were added to Elden Ring. Like most FromSoft DLC, it isn’t immediately accessible from the main menu — that would be too easy. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock all three PvP Arenas, and list the modes that are available in each.

The first time you want to enter a colosseum, you’ll have to reach it in person. After opening it in its actual location, you’ll be able to access it from the statue of Marika that spawns in Roundtable Hold after you enter your first colosseum.

colosseum statue of marika elden ring arenas
  • Modes Available:
    • United Combat (3v3)
    • Combat Ordeal (6-player FFA)

This arena is the one you can access first, being available in Limgrave, the game’s starter area. To reach it, you’ll want to head north from the Warmaster’s Shack site of grace, which is found in the north of the area. There’s a dirt path from the shack that will lead you right to the entrance of the colosseum. Then just go through the doors and interact with the shrine in front of the statue of Marika to begin.

limgrave colosseum elden ring map
  • Modes Available:
    • United Combat (3v3)
    • Combat Ordeal (6-player FFA)
    • Duel Mode (1v1)
    • Spirit ashes available in all modes

This one’s the hardest to get to, if you don’t already have the Deep Siofra Well site of grace in Caelid. You’ll need to go into the Sofria River Well in Limgrave, then make your way all the way across the woods to the lift in the north, which requires two stonesword keys. Exit the lift and grab the Deep Siofra Well site of grace, then go through the valley west and then northwest. Past the two giant archers and the equally giant Jar giant, you’ll be able to go through the doors of the colosseum.

  • Modes Available:
    • Duel (1v1)

Depending on how far into the game you are, the Leyndell colosseum can be easier or harder to get to. If you haven’t yet burned the Erdtree, then it’s a quick jaunt from the West Capital Ramparts site of grace to the colosseum. Otherwise, you’ll have to start from the Leyndell, Capital of Ash site of grace and make your way up the dragon wing and across the ramparts in order to reach the colosseum.

We hope this guide on Elden Ring’s PvP Colosseums was helpful! Questions and suggestions welcome in the comments below.

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