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alone in the dark chapter 4 featured image

Chapter 4 – Alone in the Dark

You’ve made it back to Derceto from an extended time in memories, and dark forces are coming to a head. There might be more to this than a missing uncle… Take a look at the Dark Man’s contract After returning…

conversation with juan luis jorge chapter 3 alone in the dark walkthrough

Chapter 3 – Alone in the Dark

This chapter begins with you meeting what seems to be a real person, but in the form of a figment of Jeremy’s imagination. Not confusing at all. Enjoy the chat, and the pleasant library that follows, as it precedes one…

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Chapter 1 – Alone in the Dark

After the intro cutscene, you’ll need to select your character. Once that’s done, you’ll find yourself in the garage, and your investigation begins! Look for a way inside the house Go around the corner to the left (Image 1), and…

featured image cahracter select scene alone in the dark walkthrough

Alone in the Dark Walkthrough

Welcome to our Alone in the Dark walkthrough! Not to be confused with the original Alone in the Dark released back in 1992, this walkthrough is dedicated to THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive’s 2024 reimagining of that survival horror staple.…