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attending the memorial service your speech at podium missed beyond measure starfield mission walkthrough

Missed Beyond Measure – Starfield Mission

In this main story mission, you can pay tribute to a fallen member of Constellation — or skip the service and just collect the XP, if you prefer. Talk to Noel This mission unlocks after you complete In Their Footsteps;…

final glimpses featured image starfield mission walkthrough jpg

Final Glimpses – Starfield Mission

This main story mission sees you seeking out a few more artifacts in your quest for Unity. While doing so, you’ll find yourself entangled in a strange experiment after answering a distress call. Return to the Lodge/Talk to Vladimir After…

featured image entangled starfield mission walkthrough laser experiment

Entangled – Starfield Mission

This main story mission begins as a part of Final Glimpses. While seeking an Artifact on Freya III, you receive a distress call, and must go down to the planet to investigate. Investigate the Distress Signal If you aren’t already…

in their footsteps starfield mission walkthrough featured image

In Their Footsteps – Starfield Mission

This brief main story mission continues the dialog-heavy trend of the last mission, and reveals key information about Unity and the artifacts. Hail the Scorpius/Dock With the Scorpius As soon as you enter the Oborum system at the end of…

unity misson featured image starfield quest walkthrough outside of sanctum universum

Unity – Starfield Mission

This main story mission walkthrough serves as a break from danger, destruction and death — a welcome change of pace after the excitement of the previous mission. Instead of running and gunning, we’ll do a bit of cultural anthropology in…

high price to pay featured image starfield mission walkthrough relics on planetary base

High Price to Pay – Starfield Mission

In this main story mission walkthrough, we’ll guide you through an exciting Starfield mission in which you’ll have to make a difficult decision — and pay a high price for doing so. Talk to Noel After turning in the previous…

power from beyond starfield mission guide featured image

Power From Beyond – Starfield Mission

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the “Power From Beyond” mission in Starfield. This repeating mission is how you’ll gain all of your special powers, with the exception of the initial power you gain from Into the Unknown.…

sifuscreenshot arenamode 07 thewuguan

Sifu’s Last Update Has Arrived

Sifu’s final content update launched today, bringing new arenas, challenges, and modifiers. The update is specifically aimed at veteran players, with the new challenges being particularly tricky — they’ll only unlock after completing previous, related ones. Anyone who still hasn’t…

return to vectera mission walkthrough starfield featured image crashed ship

Back to Vectera – Starfield Mission

In this main story mission walkthrough, we’ll return to where our adventure began in an attempt to track down a missing member of Constellation. Note: During our playthrough of this mission, the objective marker was buggy, and we found that…