Dead by Daylight April Dev Update – Viktor Changes Reverted on PTB

The last Public Beta Test patch for Dead by Daylight included some serious changes to The Twins, with the general goal of changing their playstyle from being so slugging-focused. However, due to the feedback they received about the strength of the Killer on the PTB changes, they’ve reverted those changes. Charlotte and Viktor will retain the QoL improvements, but it seems that for now, they’ll remain as they are in terms of general gameplay. The Blight also saw a few nerfs to two reworked Add-Ons, the Decisive Strike animation is going away, and some Ultimate Weapon changes will be pushed to a future update. Check out our TL;DR and the full notes below!

Dead by Daylight April Developer Update TL;DR:

  • The Twins – Changes to Viktor’s behavior reverted
  • The Blight – Summoning Stone and Soul Chemical Add-Ons nerfed
  • Decisive Strike – No longer has new animation
  • Ultimate Weapon – Scream changes reverted (Survivors will Scream when detected), Perk now affects Survivors within 32m of the locker

As the 7.7.0 Update approaches, we’ve prepared some adjustments after going through the feedback we’ve collected during the Public Test Build (PTB).

  • [REVERTED] Victor no longer latches onto Survivors who are put into the Dying State.
  • [REVERTED] Victor once again latches onto Survivors who are injured by his pounce.
  • [REVERTED] Charlotte no longer gains Haste when Victor is latched onto a Survivor.

Dev note: We have received a lot of comments about The Twins’ strength during the PTB. We have made the decision to revert the changes to Victor’s pounce and keep the various quality of life improvements (faster switch between Charlotte and Victor, ability to recall Victor, and Add-On adjustments & base kit inclusion). We may revisit The Twins in a future update, if necessary, but these smaller tweaks will make The Twins feel better to play for the time being.

  • [CHANGED] Summoning Stone Add-On – this will increase the initial rush duration by 0.5s (was 1s)
  • [CHANGED] Soul Chemical Add-On – this increases the initial Rush speed by 5% down from 10% on the PTB

Dev note: Feedback around The Blight often centered on the two Add-Ons and his improved collision detection. We made some adjustments to the Add-Ons to slightly lower their strength whilst still maintaining their usefulness. The Blight’s collision detection will remain as it was on the PTB, and we will continue with our ongoing efforts to improve this collision across all maps.

  • [REMOVED] Decisive Strike no longer has a new animation.

Dev note: This PTB featured a new animation for Decisive Strike in which the Survivor would stab the Killer to free themselves. This animation had too much of an effect on the Perk’s expected behaviour (adding a delay before the Survivor wiggled free). We have decided to remove the animation for Decisive Strike before the update is released. The stun time for the Perk will remain at 5 seconds for the time being.

Note: The following changes will be part of a future update. The Perk will remain as it was on the PTB in the meantime.

  • [REVERTED] Affected Survivors will once again scream instead of having their aura revealed.
  • [CHANGE] Now affects Survivors within 32m of the locker (previously inside the Killer’s Terror Radius).

Dev note: We received some mixed feedback during the PTB; while the Perk was less appealing for some Killers, it remained a strong choice for Killers with high mobility. To make its strength a little more even across more Killers, we’ve changed Ultimate Weapon to be based on the locker’s position rather than the Killer’s. This way Killers without traversal abilities or with a smaller Terror Radius can take advantage of the Perk more consistently without it being excessive on highly mobile Killers.

With this in mind, we have also brought back the scream to allow it to synergize with other Perks once again.

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