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Trying to figure out what your friends are saying on comms, or what people are complaining about in the post-game chat, can be tricky. With that in mind, here’s an easy-to-browse dictionary of Dead by Daylight terms you can use instead of asking questions and revealing your ignorance (you baby Dwight, you).


  • 1K/2k/3K/4K – Refers to how many kills (1-4) the Killer gets in the Trial.
  • 360 – When a Survivor spins in a quick circle to avoid being hit by the Killer. (See this excellent tutorial video on 360s).
  • 3-Gen – 3 Generators in close proximity to each other that are easily patrolled by the Killer, generally a situation Survivors want to avoid and Killers want to create
  • 50/50 – A situation in which the Killer has a 50/50 chance of catching a Survivor — this tends to occur around blind corners, where the Survivor and Killer both can go either direction, and can’t know what direction the other player will go.
  • 99 – To leave an Exit Gate at 99% opened, in order to prevent the End Game Collapse from beginning.


  • Adept – Achievements earned by escaping a match using only a Survivor’s 3 Unique Perks, or by achieving the Merciless Killer rating using only a Killer’s 3 Unique Perks.
  • Aura – The colored outline of players or objects that can be seen through walls.


  • Baby Dwight – A derogatory term that refers to new or unskilled Dwight players that hide in lockers a lot.
  • Baby Killer – A derogatory term used to refer to an unskilled or new Killer (try to be nice and not use this one).
  • Basement Bubba – A camping build where Bubba (The Cannibal) hooks a Survivor in the basement and then stays there, frequently while running the perk Insidious.
  • Beamer – Slang term for the Flashlight item.
  • Blendette – A derogatory term for Claudette players that dress in dark clothing and constantly hide, generally while not doing Generators or otherwise assisting their team.
dead by daylight dictionary spot the blendette 2
Can you spot the Claudette in this screenshot?
  • BM – Short for “bad manner”, used to describe rude or unsportsman-like chat or behavior. See T-bag.
  • BNP Acronym for Brand New Part, a toolbox add-on Survivors can bring that dramatically inreases generator repair speed.
  • Body Block – To impede the movement of another player by putting oneself in their path, generally done by Survivors to prevent the Killer from hooking a Survivor, or catching an injured Survivor.
  • Boop the Snoot – Using the point gesture to touch the snout of the Pig Killer, generally done while both players are crouching.
  • BT – Acronym for Survivor Perk Borrowed Time, which gives an unhooked Survivor the Endurance status effect.
  • Build – A loadout for Survivor or Killer — specific Perks and Addons that focus on a specific strategy.
  • Bully Squad – A group of Survivors, generally SWF, that don’t attempt to escape and instead focus on abusing the killer with Flashlights, T-Bagging, and perks like Head On.
  • Burger King Myers – A very slow Myers build that uses the Judith’s Tombstone and Vanity Mirror addons.


  • Camp – To stay in one area, usually near a hooked Survivor as Killer.
  • CJ Tech – A technique in which a Survivor forces a Killer to pick up a Survivor while facing them (in order to flashlight save). This is accomplished by dropping a pallet in front of a downed Survivor; when the Killer attempts to break the pallet, the other Survivor then fast vaults the pallet twice, which blocks the Killer from breaking the pallet and instead makes their action input cause them to pick up the Survivor — and puts the other Survivor in a perfect position to flashlight save.
  • Clicky clicky – The sound a flashlight makes when a Survivor spams the Use Item button. See BM.
  • Cross Map – A Huntress Hatchet that hits from across the map.


  • Death Hook – A Survivor “on Death Hook” will be eliminated from the Trial if they are Hooked again. Sometimes referred to as Last Hook or 3rd Hook.
  • Demo – Short for Demogorgon, the Killer from the Stranger Things Chapter.
  • DH – Acronym for the Survivor Perk Dead Hard, which gives a Survivor a short speed burst and a moment of invulnerability.
  • DS – Acronym for the Survivor Perk Decisive Strike, which allows a Survivor to escape from the Killer’s grasp if they’ve recently been unhooked.
  • Dumb Tech – When, after stunning the Killer with a pallet, the Survivor vaults the pallet towards the Killer and runs past them.


  • EGC – An acronym for the End Game Collapse, the time in between when an Exit Gate is opened and the game ends
  • Entity – The Eldritch being from the DBD lore. Feeds on hope and fear, and serves as the in-game explanation for why Survivors and Killers are put together in the Trials (the term for one round of DBD).
  • Exhaustion Perk – Any perk that causes the Exhausted exhaustion status effect icon dbd status effect. Taking one Exhaustion Perk in your Survivor loadout is generally considered meta.
  • Exposed – A Status Effect that can be inflicted upon Survivors, which causes them to lose two health states when struck with a regular Killer attack.
dead by daylight dictionary entity
Struggling against the Entity


  • Face-camping – When the Killer camps face-to-face (or very close) to a hooked Survivor.
  • Farmed off hook – When a Survivor unhooks a fellow Survivor unsafely, i.e. in front of the Killer and without Borrowed Time, for the Bloodpoints.
  • Farming – When players focus not on winning the match, but on maximizing Bloodpoint gain. Frequently initiated by the Killer, who can choose to not kill Survivors but instead play to ensure everyone gets as many BP as possible.
  • Flashy – Slang term for the Flashlight item.


  • Gate – Refers to an Exit Gate. There are 2 on the map, and Survivors must spend 20 seconds opening one in order to escape the Trial.
  • Gen/Genny – Short for generator
  • Gen Jockey – A derogatory phrase for when a Survivor focuses on the only objective in the game.
  • Gen Rush – A derogatory phrase Killers use for when Survivors do the only objective in the game. Can sometimes imply that Survivors did gens unusually quickly, either with Toolboxes, Brand New Parts, or Prove Thyself.
  • God Pallet – A Pallet that the Killer must always break — if this Pallet isn’t broken, a Survivor can loop the Killer around a God Pallet indefinitely.


  • Heartbeat – The heartbeat sound (and sometimes theme music) that can be heard while in the Killer’s Terror Radius
  • Hold W – When a Survivor runs in a straight line away from the Killer; considered low-skill play (though it can be the correct tactic in some situations).


  • Immersed – A derogatory term used to refer to players who attempt to play stealthily.
dead by daylight dictionary immersed
Maybe if I stand perfectly still…
  • Infinite – A strong loop where the Survivor can loop the killer indefinitely — these have mostly been removed from the game, but a few infinities (or at least near-infinites) remain.


  • Jungle Gym – One of the tiles on the map with walls and either a Pallet, a Window, or both.


  • Kobe – When a Survivor successfully escapes from the hook, generally while only having the base 4% Luck.


  • Loop – Any place/object on the map where a Survivor can run from the Killer with relative safety
  • Looping – Running from the Killer, generally around an obstacle or window
  • LT Wall – Refers to a specific jungle gym layout with two walls shaped like an L and a T.


  • Meghead – Derogatory term for Meg Thomas players who make poor decisions
  • Meta – Short for meta-game, the generally agreed upon optimal way to play the game. Most Effective Tactic Available.
  • Mind-game – The use of deception or misdirection to trick an opponent. For example, pretending to be heading for a Window vault and then dodging away at the last second is a mind-game Survivors can pull off.
  • Mirror Myerse – AKA “Spooky Myers” — when the killer The Shape is using the Scratched Mirror addon that allows him to see through walls.
  • Moonwalk – When the Killer walks backwards in order to fool Survivors in regards to which direction they are heading (since the Killer’s red stain indicates a Killer’s facing).
  • Mori – A Killer Offering that allows the Killer to kill Survivors who are on Death Hook when they are in the dying state.
  • M1 Killer – Short for mouse 1 killer — a killer whose power doesn’t help them in chases.
dead by daylight dictionaryghost faces memento mori
Ghostface’s Mori animation
(image from Doc October’s YT channel)


  • NOED – Acronym for Killer Perk No One Escapes Death, a Hex Perk that causes all Survivors to be Exposed once the Exit Gates are powered.


  • Obsession – The player currently marked as the Obsession, which relates to a variety of Killer/Survivor Perks.
  • OoO – Acronym for the Survivor perk Object of Obsession.


  • Pip (n) – Pips are gained or lost at the end of each trial, and determine a player’s rank.
  • Pip (v) – To gain at least 1 pip.
  • Pokos – A hit that shouldn’t have hit, that did.
  • Pop – Short for the Killer Perk Pop Goes the Weasel, which allows Killers to dramatically regress a Generator’s progress by kicking it after hooking a Survivor.
  • Proxy-camp – To protect a Hooked Survivor as Killer, but while still patrolling a fair distance away from the hook.


  • RBT – Reverse Bear Trap, the Pig’s special power, which puts a removable death-helmet on Survivors
  • Realm – The Entity’s Realm, where the Trials take place and where the Campfire is.
  • Ruin – Short for the Killer perk Hex: Ruin


  • Sandbag – To act in a way that causes your teammates to be caught or lose, or to otherwise intentionally lose the game. Sometimes done in order to lower one’s rank.
  • Slug – When a Killer leaves a Survivor on the ground in the dying state instead of picking them up.
  • Snowball – A momentum lead that continues to build, like a snowball rolling down a hill. Usually refers to Killer leads.
  • Stack – Synonym for Token.
  • Stretched – Refers to when Survivors play with stretched resolution that allows them to see over obstacles they usually wouldn’t. (This was cheating, and has been removed from the game.)
  • Sweat – A derogatory term used to describe a player who plays to win.
  • SWF – Acronym for Survive With Friends, the multiplayer feature of DBD. Used to refer to players who queued together.
dbd dictionary slugging 1
A couple of slugs on an altar


  • T-bag – To crouch repeatedly. Usually meant as a rude gesture.
  • Tech – Short for technique, refers to a specific tactic, e.g. CJ Tech, Window Tech, etc
  • Terror Radius – The range from the Killer in which you can hear the Heartbeat.
  • Tile – Unit of measurement for the DBD map. A tile can contain a random element (like a Jungle Gym or a Pallet), or can be part of a larger/fixed map feature.
  • TL Wall – Refers to a specific jungle gym layout with two walls shaped like an L and a T.
  • Token – Many perks start with or gain tokens that influence how the perk functions.
  • Tunnel – To chase and hook only one survivor, ignoring the other Survivors until the tunneled player is dead.


  • Window Tech – A technique where the Survivor crouches very close to a window immediately after vaulting it, in an attempt to hide from the Killer.

We hope this Dead By Daylight Dictionary was helpful! Let us know if we missed any important DBD terms via the comment section below.

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5 months ago

Tech, and it’s forms? I.e. FOV, Window, CJ tech and dumb tech

Reply to  DanielD
5 months ago

CJ Tech: With a downed survivor next to a pallet. its a tech that forces the killer to pick up the survivor when they try to break a pallet when you quick vault it. Making window for a forced flashlight save.
Not sure what FOV is. just field of view id imagine like stretched monitors for more viewing room?
Dumb Tech: After preferably stunning a killer with a pallet quick vault over it toward the killer and keep running. usually makes the killer attack the pallet out of confusion hence “dumb”

– hope that helps

Reply to  DanielD
2 months ago

FOV is a tech where survivor attempt to run towards killer and then run away, fooling killer to think that the survivor sneak behind him since his field of view is always first person( this is usually done right after killer perform M1 attack)
Watch Skerms or Ayrun’s video since they tends to do it a lot

5 months ago

could you add Beamer? – it’s another term used for a flashlight (also add in flashy?)

3 months ago

• Bunny Tech — A Survivor DCing at a comedic moment (usually intentional).
• Juicer — Outplaying the opposing side with a skilled play (eg 360).
• Juiced — Referring to the person who has just been outplayed.
• Getting Dedicated — Referring to DBD’s dedicated servers acting up, usually resulting in a survivor being hit when they seemingly shouldn’t be, much like ‘Pokos’.

2 months ago

M1 Killer — a killer whose power doesn’t help them in chases.
Infinite — a really good loop where the survivor can evade the killer indefinitely.
Stack — synonym for token.
OoO — Object of Obsession.
Ruin — short for Hex: Ruin.
LT Wall / T-L Wall — a specific Jungle Gym layout with two walls, shaped like an L and a T.
Mirror Myers/Spooky Myers — a Myers with a Scratched Mirror add-on.
Burger King Myers — a very slow Myers build with Judith’s Tombstone and Vanity Mirror.

1 month ago

Thought of several more:
Respect the pallet: to avoid a pallet stun by stepping back before the survivor throws the pallet down.
Eat the pallet: the opposite of respecting the pallet; you let yourself get stunned to then take the pallet out of the game.
Squadette: A squad of 4 Claudettes, all probably running self-care.
Billy: the Hillbilly.
Space Billy: a glitch where the Hillbilly can catapult himself into his sky via revving his chainsaw.
Jeryl: a cosmetic glitch where the head of James Sunderland (a Cheryl Mason legendary skin) is put onto Cheryl’s body.
Devour: short for Hex: Devour Hope.
Dribbling: dropping and picking up a survivor several times, normally to avoid getting stunned by Decisive Strike.
Moondash: a Pig tech where she does the ambush attack backwards.
Nemi: short for Nemesis, the killer from the Resident Evil chapter.
Iri: short for Iridescent, a type of emblems (red, the highest grade) and add-ons (red, Ultra Rare add-ons).

9 months ago

ginny? for engine

photobombed 🥵💅
photobombed 🥵💅
7 months ago

caca bean

6 months ago

What about RBN or something starting with R?

Some dude
Some dude
6 months ago

BNP – Brand new Parts
Pokos – a hit that shouldn’t have hit

6 months ago

Hex ? Hex perk?
Queue ?

6 months ago

Okay, here we goooo
dont forget:
Clicky Click- Spam flashlight, very rude
Gen Jockey
Basement Bubba

6 months ago

Farmed Off Hook: Being unhooked directly in front of a killer, usually resulting in an instant down. (Called this because all it really does is give bp to the unhooker)
Cross Map: Term used to describe a good huntress player hitting a hatchet from across the map, based on a guess on where the survs would be.
360: Running a quick circle around the killer, causing them to miss their attack.
Build: A variety of perks and add ons based around a specific strategy.
Bully Squad: A swf group that doesnt play to escape, but only to troll the killer as much as possible with repeated blinds, headon, teabagging, and the like.

1 month ago

As bin as you asked!

CJ Tech – The killer is standing over a downed survivor right next to a dropped pallet. You are on the opposite side of the pallet with a Flashlight.
Vault the pallet to interrupt the killer’s “Break Pallet” prompt, causing them to pick up the downed survivor. Vault back over and Flashlight save them.
This can be done in a multitude of ways, even including 1 survivor vaulting as a 2nd saves with a flashlight!

FOV Tech – A blanket term for running up to the killer in a deliberate manner to hide just out of their FOV (Field of View). Common strats include running up to the killer and crouching before turning back, just after a killer has broken a pallet.

Dumb Tech – Vaulting a pallet to the killer’s side after stunning them with it. This could also be considered a form of FOV Tech.

Last edited 1 month ago by JamIsNotMyName
2 days ago

There’s also the dolphin tech, Where as nurse she blinks down a floor and then back up to hit the survivor, intentionally

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