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There’s quite a few systems in play when it comes to unlocking and utilizing Perks and Addons for your Dead by Daylight Loadouts. We’re going to go over all of it in some detail, so if you need specific info, use the Contents bar to find what you’re looking for.

When you are first playing a new Kill;er, they will start at Level 1 on the Bloodweb. To unlock Perks and Addons, you’ll need to spend Bloodpoints bloodpoints icon dbd to buy them in the Bloodweb. Once you’ve unlocked an entire Bloodweb (or once you and the Entity together have cleared it), a new Bloodweb will be randomly generated. Each Bloodweb levels up your Killer when completed, and higher level Addons and Teachables will begin to appear. The Bloodweb is random, but contains all of the standard Perks, plus the special Perks of the Killer whose Bloodweb it is, and whatever Teachables you’ve unlocked.

teachable perk hexhauntedground
A teachable perk

Each Killer in DBD has 3 unique Perks, which can be unlocked as Teachable Perks at level 30, 35, and 40 in their Bloodweb. The Teachable Perks will be obvious when they appear in the Killer’s Bloodweb, as they have an orange background. Once you’ve unlocked a Teachable Perk in the Bloodweb of a Killer, that perk now has a chance to appear in the Bloodweb of every other Killer.

shrine of secrets dbd
The Shrine of Secrets (with one Perk acquired)

In addition to unlocking Teachable perks from your Killers, you can also find Teachable perks in the Shrine of Secrets. 4 Teachable Perks are offered in the Shrine of Secrets; 2 Survivor Perks and 2 Killer Perks. The Shrine of Secrets resets every Wednesday at 00:00:00 UTC (GMT+0). You have to spend Iridescent Shards iridescent shards icon dbd (a premium currency earned by increasing your Player Level) to unlock Perks from the Shrine. They usually cost 2000iridescent shards icon dbd, though Perks from new Killers or Survivors may cost 2500iridescent shards icon dbd. The Shrine of Secrets can be accessed from the Store page in-game.

To increase your Player Level and earn Iridescent Shards, all you have to do is play games! You’ll earn bonus XP for your first Survivor and first Killer game of the day, so optimal leveling requires playing at least 1 game of each.

loadout icon dbd
The Loadout menu icon

To equip perks, you’ll need to select the Killer you want from the Killers menu, and then go to the Loadout menu . Once there, the first Perk slot will be selected by default. Left-clicking a perk from the Inventory/Perks box will put it in the first Perk slot. If you have open Perk slots, the next empty Perk slot will be selected by default. To swap out a specific Perk, simply left-click it from the Perks row.

killer perks loadout dbd guide

Clicking the empty square labeled Addons (next to your Killers Power at the top of the screen) will swap your Inventory screen from Perks to Power Addons. Then you may left-click any add-on you have available to equip it.

addons killer loadouts dbd guide

Addons affect your Killer’s Power in a variety of ways. The strength and overall impact of the item increases with rarity: common Brown and uncommon Yellow add-ons generally do less to a power than the rare Green addons, while very rare Purple and ultra rare Pink addons can drastically change how a power works.

To learn what an Addon does, simply hover it with your cursor. Addons are lost when the Trial ends.

offering killer loadouts dbd guide

You equip offerings just like Perks and Addons, by clicking on the empty Offering hexagon. Offerings are consumed just like Addons and can only be used once each, and allow you to choose a map, gain bonus Bloodpoints, or offer other effects.

Every Killer has their own Loadout — what that means is, you’ll need to equip Perks and Addons separately for each Killer in your roster that you want to play. Before you ask, no, you can’t save Loadouts. Maybe Someday™.

That should be all you need to know about Killer Loadouts in Dead by Daylight! Please leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below!

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