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aion classic character reservation faction balance measures

Aion Classic Character Reservation: Faction Balance Measures

Yesterday NCSOFT opened character reservations for Aion Classic on the two servers they are planning to release with. After less than a day and thousands of characters reserved they’ve have to implement limitations on which factions can be created prior…

aion classic pre launch faqs

Aion Classic Pre-Launch FAQs

Compiled by Aion Classic Network () Primary Sources Unless specifically noted, the answers below are taken from the primary sources listed above which are all official NC / Aion sites. Other answers come directly from NC Community…

aion classic comes to north america june 23rd featured image

Aion Classic Comes to North America June 23rd

NCsoft seem to be taking a page from Blizzard’s book with their relaunch of MMORPG Aion, which originally released in North America way back in 2009. In Aion Classic, players will once again get to earn their wings as they…