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You might think that Sorcerer is among the best DPS classes in Aion Classic… and you would be right! However, if you do decide to pick up the Sorcerer, you will discover an impressive array of CC abilities as a part of the sparkly package.

You will probably often find your HP bar painfully lacking, but the enviable AoE DPS capabilities, CC skills, snares, and silences will be an excellent way of holding back your targets and clearing the field in front of you before taking any significant damage.

Sorcerer Roles: AoE DPS, Crowd Control

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What are Sorcerer’s best stats and what do they mean? Sorcerer has a little bit less to show for their Will stat than the Spiritmaster, giving them a slightly smaller mana pool and recovery, but they are unmatched when it comes to the Knowledge attribute.

So, while sustainability will be something any Sorcerer will have to deal with, especially when it comes to their health bar, Sorcerers excel in spell damage and accuracy, ensuring that their extra-deadly spells reach their target.


What can I expect from playing a Sorcerer in Aion Classic? Because of their massive DPS output and Crowd Control, Sorcerers can handle the vast majority of enemies, even if facing a group. However, anything that doesn’t die quickly can deal a lot of damage to the cloth-wearing Sorcerer. This class may indeed be the most vulnerable one in Aion Classic.

When it comes to tougher targets and PvP, Sorcerers have to truly master their timing on rotations and CCs in order to stay on top of their targets. In a group, however, Sorcerers can be so effective at their DPS and CC combination, that they are sought after for the ability to significantly speed up just about any battle.

sorcerer solo play aion classic

PvE world exploration is pretty much a walk in a park for a Sorcerer. They tend to excel at disabling and holding back their targets with sleep, snare, and CC, and at dealing a tremendous amount of DPS before the opponents get a chance to regain their footing.

However, any amount of damage will start to add up quickly: aside from Herb Treatment, Sorcerer really doesn’t have a way to heal themself. The best way to handle damage for the Sorcerer is to prevent it, which means a lot of attention being given to maintaining distance and immobilizing opponents.

sorcerer group play aion classic

Sorcerers are really appreciated for their CC and DPS capabilities, and their best solo tactics come very useful in a group setting as well. When facing multiple elite opponents, Sorcerer’s CC is an amazing tool at holding back some of the powerful targets while the group focuses on taking down one of them at a time.

Crowd Control can relieve a lot of pressure from the healer and the tank of the party, allowing for a better performance across the border. Of course, it’s worth noting that in addition to CC, Sorcerers can speed a battle up significantly with the monstrous amount of damage they can deal when in their element.

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