Aion Classic Classes

Ready to roll it all the way back to 1.xx? No Technists and no Muses — good ol’ Aion made it do with the classic lineup: Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest primary classes.

You choose among the four during character creation; once you reach level 9, you will ascend to a secondary class — each of the primary classes has 2 secondary classes, for a total of 8 combinations.

Your character will get a chance to choose between two specialized classes once they hit level 9.

Why can’t my character progress past level 10? Between levels 9 and 10, your character will need to finish the Ascension quests (otherwise you won’t be able to progress past level 10) to become a Daeva.

In the world of Atreia this event involves your character gaining immortality and a pair of wings, granted by Aion himself. It is triggered in response to an intense event, when the destined Human develops their powers as they attempt to protect themselves.

Once you complete the quest, you will be sent to the capitals to receive your wings and gain an essential mode of transportation in the world of Atreia. However, at this moment you will also begin your journey with the secondary class of you have picked for your character.

aion classic secondary classes

Starting with the character creation screen, you will be able to pick between the four primary classes.

Can I change my class in Aion Classic? No, class picks in Aion are final — there is no way of un-doing this aside from making a new character. Same will go for your secondary class later in the game.
No pressure, huh?

Well, if you know what type of a unit you want to play, the choice becomes a little easier.
What roles do these different classes represent?

  • Going for a tank probably means you want to go with the Warrior and one of its specialized classes.
  • Melee DPS approach, with either higher DPS or battlefield control will probably leave you with the Scout.
  • Magic DPS, of course, is the Mage‘s specialty, with either higher DPS or debuff infliction.
  • Finally, the Support role will be carried out by a Priest, with either a healing or buffing focus.

Warriors are true masters of close combat. They prefer to look their opponent right in the eye as they land a shattering blow, and to demonstrate their prowess by remaining the last man standing; they leave deceit and trickery to others.

Once a Warrior character completes their ascension and picks a secondary class they will be able to wear a set of powerful plate armor, most capable at absorbing damage, further reinforced by their mastery with a shield (unless they decide to take matters into two of their hands, if you know what I mean…).

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aion classic classes warrior
aion classic classes templar
  • Weapons: Sword, Mace, Greatsword
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate, Shield

Templars are the true guardians of the battlefield, and while they deal less damage, they can certainly compensate by truly being the Atreian punching bag, in all of the good ways.

They can get by with a combination of a mace or a sword with a shield (and shield can be quite important to their defense tactics), but can easily swap to a larger greatsword when necessary.

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aion classic classes gladiator
  • Weapons: Sword, Dagger, Mace, Greatsword, Polearm, Bow
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate, Shield

There aren’t many weapons out there a Gladiator can’t wield, developing unique skills in response to the special properties of each weapon they lay their hands upon. Gladiators eschew clever tactics or subterfuge in favor of precise and powerful strikes.

They have a special relationship with polearms that allow Gladiators to wreak havoc on multiple opponents at once. No other class is able to wield this weapon.

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Sure, you can pick Warrior if you like it direct, but where the is a need for a more… let’s say, delicate and calculated touch, the Scout has no equal. Scouts relentlessly train themselves to become experts of quick movement and to master perception of their surroundings.

Scouts and their specialized classes do not need to wear leather to retain their mobility — they can exercise their technique while wearing medium-grade leather armor without sacrificing free movement. Still, this does mean the the Scout and its specialized classes don’t mitigate as much damage and have to rely on evasion.

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aion classic classes scout
aion classic classes assassin
  • Weapons: Dagger, Sword, Bow.
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather.

When hiding, Assassins can go completely invisible. When striking, Assassins prefer to deliver the killing blow. Specialists of extremes, Assassins like to take their time calculating their move, and then to inflict as much damage as possible in the shortest time.

Not everyone agrees with Assassin’s tactics, less so some of the more good-natured Daeva, but their poisoned blades have an important place within legions. When there is need for quiet infiltration and disruptive assault, this class is the prime choice.

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aion classic classes ranger
  • Weapons: Bow, Dagger, Sword.
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather.

While Assassins can perform some of their attacks at a distance, there is nobody who can match Ranger’s mastery with a bow. Yet, a Ranger can still easily switch to a sword or a dagger and deal damage in close combat. This makes Ranger one of the most agile damage-dealing classes in Aion Classic.

Adding to their ability to control the movement and proximity of their enemy is the Ranger’s proficiency with traps: Rangers can create obstacles and slow down, all while slinging arrows at several of their targets at once. However, the cost of replacing arrows and especially traps can add up, making Ranger one of the more expensive classes.

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The Mage and their secondary classes show that a fragile appearance can be holding back a terrifying torrent of damage. Once in their element, Mages can deal tremendous DPS while also keeping their distance.

Restricted to wearing cloth armor, Mages have to worry about their resilience against the enemy. However, with nothing to hold them back, they can quickly navigate the field, slowing and pinning their enemies in place, making opponents easy targets for a surge of powerful spell attacks.

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aion classic classes mage
aion classic classes sorcerer
  • Weapons: Spellbook, Orb
  • Armor: Cloth

Sorcerers are scholars at heart, evident by the heavy spellbooks and mysterious orbs they like to carry in their travels around Atreia. However, once the Sorcerer is in their element, these items become dangerous weapons, allowing them to cast raging infernos as easily as they can summon freezing blizzard to wreak havoc over ranks of their enemy.

Beware, however, that Sorcerer is one of the most vulnerable classes on the list, making them heavily dependent on whatever few tactics they can employ to avoid damage, or on the protection of their teammates.

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aion classic classes spiritmaster
  • Weapons: Spellbook, Orb
  • Armor: Cloth

Where Sorcerer employs essences of the four elements in their battles, the Spiritmaster summons spirits associated with them. The Spiritmaster can as easily call upon such a spirit to materialize in the world and attack their opponents, as they can borrow a spirit’s strength to weaken their enemy.

While Spiritmasters have access to spellbooks and orbs to engage their enemy, their true power emerges when they set their own weapons aside and wield the power that comes from beyond. However, this trade-off provides them with a lot of protection lacked by the more vulnerable Sorcerer.

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The indisputable backbone of party or raid of any size headed into challenging and long battles, Priests make sure that their comrades make it out alive. This class is essential for the majority of circumstances a party may face: sustaining damage over time, avoiding succumbing to debuffs and poisons, and preventing losses when things don’t go according to plan.

Do not expect Priests’ exceptional healing and buffing skills to take away from their ability to deal some damage: even a Cleric can be wearing heavy chain armor and show their mace and a shield when needed, making themselves very hard to kill while they continue landing their strikes.

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aion classic classes priest
aion classic classes chanter
  • Weapons: Mace, Staff
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Shield

Chanters are able to provide some healing, but their best abilities lie with their mantra magic, used to inspire morale and strengthen abilities of the fellow fighters nearby, as well as give them a place to retreat to during more chaotic battles.

Indeed, Chanter’s specialty spreads across healing, offensive, and buffing abilities alike, allowing them a variety of effective melee and ranged abilities. At the same time, their mantras are one-of-a-kind, making them an invaluable buffer.

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aion classic classes cleric
  • Weapons: Mace, Staff
  • Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Shield

The ultimate healer of Aion Classic is the Cleric. No target is susceptible to an easy defeat when they are watched over by a Cleric; the class is adept at restoring vitality, strengthening resolve, and even resurrecting those who have fallen. They truly shine as a part of a group, but they do have to keep a careful watch over their mana reserves if the party becomes too reliant on their support.

However, a Cleric has no issue traveling around the world by themselves — they can deal a good amount of ranged damage when their attention isn’t diverted to healing, and when an enemy approaches they have a mace or a staff to face them.

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